Poor quality ceramic cup is kind of how

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   Although the ceramic cup is the peoples favorite, but there are inferior products ceramic cup, then the low-quality ceramic cup look like? Paper, small series to introduce you.




Most people choose porcelain towers from his son when the selected shape and color varieties, one piece inside and outside view to see whether the damaged surface, smooth, without spots, bubble. Also sometimes negligent, there will buy low-quality ceramic cup, then the low-quality ceramic mug is kind of how it? Lets editor that you tell us about it.


What is of poor quality ceramic mug?


low-quality ceramic mug sound dull or hoarse, no surface damage or burned.


Zhou not inferior ceramic cup shape.


the inferior surface of the ceramic cup from the decorative flower look unsightly appearance, color tone harmonious, silver decoration of porcelain, ceramic cup hand a poor rub off the gold will subtractive.


the use of low-quality ceramic mug hazards:


When using substandard ceramic cups, harmful substances dissolution, with the food into the body, over time, can cause chronic poisoning. Glazed ceramic lead compounds can be acid infiltration solution, when the food in contact with the screen, lead can be organic acids in food out of the retentate solution. Further, if the ceramic cup containing harmful components, may be eluted at a high temperature 600 鈩?-800 鈩? so when using the microwave oven, a ceramic cup poor quality will be a lot of harmful substances eluted.


We all know that low-quality ceramic products is harmful to people, we must pay attention to the selection, in order to avoid harm to the body, besides, you are also a lot of attention to what cup to drink the safest drinking water and other household Tips more knowledge do we.




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