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  UF direct drinking water purifier it? What to drink straight Standard publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-06-14 As we all know, in fact, in many foreign countries, you can drink straight tap water originally, but due to their national conditions, the water to a boil before drinking, then ultrafiltration water purifiers evolved over the water to drink it straight? What ultrafiltration drinking straight water purifier standard? UF direct drinking water purifier With the rapid development of society do we live in the air and water are affected to varying degrees. Especially water pollution news all the time the problem is not there, so this becomes a problem we need to be solved. We know that we can not see the water there are a lot of substance, of which there are many of these harmful substances, heavy metals is one of them, into the body if the body will bring serious harm. Now compare water purifiers on the market welcomed by the people, especially ultrafiltration water purifier can remove multiple filter harmful substances, including bacteria such tiny matter, so many consumers are asking, water ultrafiltration water purifier direct drinking it? ultrafiltration unit that the use of ultrafiltration technology for water purification treatment equipment. Distinguished from other water purification equipment used in the device is that it has an ultrafiltration membrane. It is a consistent pore size, pore diameter in the range of 0.01-0.001 micron rated microporous filter membrane. Ultrafiltration membrane filtration method using a pressure difference as the driving force for ultrafiltration. The membrane is 0.01 micrometers general market. Ultrafiltration water purifiers direct drinking standard is the number in the current source of the water environment, RO reverse osmosis membrane is the only product able to meet the demand for drinking straight water purification products, which are 500 times smaller than bacteria ultra-precision aperture (0.0001 micron pore size) to completely filter the water color, smell, heavy metals and other hazardous substances. RO reverse osmosis technology is recognized as the most advanced and cutting-edge water purification technology, one of the six high-tech as the 20th century. This technique is less demanding water source, which can effectively block water microscopic suspended solids, colloids, particles, bacteria, macromolecules filtered water, heavy metal ions, water is particularly suitable for Chinese status. Purified water only water molecules, oxygen molecules and trace elements beneficial to human body, completely safe to drink.

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