Ultra-pure water purification equipment to lead the developm

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   mainstream ultra-pure water equipment with international advanced and reliable products, the use of PLC + touch screen control system, a full high degree of automation, saving manpower and maintenance costs, high water use efficiency, economic rationality, is the water treatment industry is the preferred product.

   Characteristics of ultrapure water equipment

   1, imported parts assembly, more durable.

   2, can always increase the number of the film to increase the amount of processing.

   3, self-protection systems, emergency stop faults.

   4, the composite film has a higher separation rate and the transmittance.

   5, high water use, can produce more potable water.

   6, smaller, less use site area.

   7, fresh water rinse to meet the film.

   8, parts more durable, long-term maintenance-free.

   9, a liquid crystal display device with ultrapure water cleaning system is designed with a scale membrane system.

   ultra-pure water treatment equipment is equipment that occurs after the reverse osmosis treatment device, the device appears to replace the traditional ion replacement equipment, and has a high water quality, less capital investment, simple manipulation, equipment the volume is small.

   EDI ultrapure water equipment characteristics

   鈶?voltage range, the input voltage fluctuates 卤 20% will still work. High

   鈶?efficiency, the product has a power factor correction circuit, the power factor of up to 0.98 or more.

   鈶?output steplessly adjustable voltage and current, steady flow automatically switched.

   鈶?steady flow change by a minimum load to less than the maximum value of 0.1%.

   鈶?high safety performance, the output terminal can be short without any damage to the machine, and the short current can be zero to a maximum of continuous adjustment.

   鈶?advanced high-frequency pulse width modulation, with stability and high accuracy, small size, light weight, and low power consumption.

   EDI ultrapure water equipment system process description

   to meet user needs, to meet the water quality standards, as far as possible to reduce pollution levels, in the process design, taking up to national standard tap waterQuasi water as the source of water, then with media filters, activated carbon filters, precision filter pretreatment system, two-stage RO reverse osmosis host system, EDI, or mixed bed ion exchange systems.

   1, the main role of the filter media to remove mechanical impurities and suspended matter in the water source equipment made of high quality stainless steel made. Cloth cap body with water, refined quartz sand, other fillers may install. A reasonable proportion of quartz sand filling and good water distribution system, the systems product water quality more stable. Further a gas flushing device further function, to maximize the clear medium and a bed of soil to improve water quality and extend the working cycle.

   2, an activated carbon filter having a deodorizing, decolorizing effect, degreasing, adsorbing organic impurities, to remove the greatest degree of free residual chlorine in water, reverse osmosis membrane to ensure water quality, the device made of high quality stainless steel.

   3, RO RO host system to introduce advanced technology in the world, using a pressure difference principle, can effectively remove the salt water desalination rate can reach 99%.

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