Water purifiers worth thinking about e future prospects of a

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   purifier market brand concept dazzling


   triple filter, fourfold filter, as well as silver ion, nano-membrane. The kind of dazzling water purification products, reverse osmosis water machine, ultrafiltration water purification machines, household central water purification machines, household water purifier kitchen, as well as water softeners, water purifiers terminal, bath drinking fountains, direct drinking water machine ...... on the promotional materials of these water purifiers, and various high-tech also emerging, such as patent registration, layered resin bed, patent pleated membrane, ozone sterilization, and so, no wonder consumers know what to do. The concept water purifier lot, but works very much the same, all through the filter to achieve the purpose of purification, the price difference is mainly because the number and quality of the filter there is a difference in use. "

   price confusion to mislead consumers

   household water purifiers, sell a few hundred dollars cheaper, expensive to five or six thousand from the sales presentation point of view, very similar performance Both products will actually price difference of a thousand dollars a six-year working experience in water purifier dealer said the reason: the same brand of products, due to the different agents and distributors, often resulting in price with the price difference a thousand dollars. this phenomenon consumer water purification products and even the whole market distrust, but also resulted in a price war among enterprises, creating a vicious competition. future prospects

   water purification appliances

   as a gold mine last appliance industry, water purification appliance industry prospects are high hopes. purifier companies competing to improve the water purification industry in technology and after-sales service, in the home appliance industry as a whole to improve the quality of water purification It also reflects the high degree of responsibility to consumers of corporate responsibility, but also consistent with the spirit of the expansion of the industry.


   At the same time, we also found that while water purification appliances are given gold mine prospects, but water purification appliances embarked on a period of rapid take-off, there is still a distance to go Gairuhezou water purification appliances, water purification really take on the obligations of the Ambassador, a product popular among consumers, is the moment for thought .

   how water purification appliances break through the bottleneck of the current stage of development, set foot on the rapid development of the motor car, make a hero of water purification appliances appliance market pointing country, to assume to improve drinking water quality and enhance the quality of life of responsibility, should handle the following:

   first, enterprises should strengthen brand building, guiding and nurturing the consumer market, so that consumers of water purification appliancesThere is a correct perception. Only after the water purification appliances knowledge gained popularity, it will activate the potential huge market.

   Again, more research on water purification technology to solve the bottleneck problem of restricting the development of water purification filter industry, so that the filter is no longer a question mark lingering in peoples minds.

   Finally, with the Chinese consumer habits, a series of innovative products to meet the practical needs of the consumer, practicality and aesthetics unite to meet the needs of modern decor ideas. This last gold mine water purification appliances, requires the unremitting efforts of many enterprises and guarantee the implementation of relevant national policies, well see water purification appliances moment to take off!

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