Talking about the future of water purifier market fivkinds o

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   domestic water purifier market has developed more than ten years, the future is still great room for development, which manufacturers can discern market information, we will be able to map out a strategy, access to development. Industry experts point out, water purifiers to join the development of the industry will gradually showing five kinds of trends.


   1, green water purification products highly regarded

   green water purifier more and more people are respected, especially with the upgrade national quality, energy conservation aspects of environmental awareness and more intense, coupled with the immediate threat of water pollution, smog, car exhaust, formaldehyde, lead people to water purifiers feature is especially concerned about environmental protection and health. Thus, the future of the environment-friendly water purifier has increasingly become the focus of attention.

   2. Combination of complementary chain into a trend

   As the industry reshuffle, neither the existence of a number of core values, nor the backing of technology research and development of water purifier market business is being phased out, and another form is eliminated, the economic role of the market, collusion and complementarity between the industrial chain. Water purifier industry chain after the reorganization, can be more flexibly respond to market impact, and backed by a big brand, for the production, marketing and channel it has an important role to change.

   3, deep into the rural market will inevitably

   economic development in rural areas a year is better than a year, the urbanization of rural is almost a year over year. After the reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of living standards in rural areas, and some towns even beyond the general standard of living. In the case of a bee kill the second and third tier market, there is no doubt become a national rural water purifier market over the last piece of undeveloped land at the child, water purifier market, although for the crowd mostly urban residents, but saturated now we can not let the market town of overcapacity water purification industry rapid digestion, intensive rural market has become inevitable direction of the development of the water purifier market.

   4, the individual needs to promote product innovation

   In recent years, peoples living standards greatly improved, consumers turned to a practical necessity, even the applicability of transition. After coming along with a growing number of 80, 90 become the main force in the consumer market, their ideas will change the market trend. The pursuit of fashion, individuality and enjoy the new life of consumer groups, consumption of water purifiers individual requirements more and more, this market environment, muster water purifier industry elite design, Brain-hole wide open, create more stylish, more appreciative of the value of the product, and therefore the future of the water purifier market Wei, who mastered the active force of innovation, who won the first competition of the market. High value-added water purifier market is occupying the high ground.

   5, more focused enterprise of mining segment

   According to the development trend of water purifiers, water purification industry is not difficult to see that China is undergoing great changes shaking, the water purification industry in progress market segments. "Small but excellent, small is beautiful" has become more and more and more companies start thinking of water purifiers, allow enterprises to focus more vitality and innovation. Under innovation, the formation of the industrys own characteristics, such as some companies focus ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and so some companies to focus. This is the inevitable result under the current water purification industry market segments.

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