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  Top Ten Influential water companies what? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 735 Date: 2016-4-1 9:51:48 "five-second" about to wrap up, enters the event in the environmental protection industry, policy-prone period, various policies have been enacted, the market is developing rapidly business competition. China Water Network held in China Water Industry 2015 session of the top ten influential enterprises selected, more than ten years witnessed the development of Chinas water industry. 鍗佸ぇ褰卞搷鍔涙按鍔′紒涓氭湁鍝簺锛? /> 2015 top ten list of influential water industry enterprises. They are: Beijing Enterprises Water Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital Co., Ltd., Beijing Water Technology Co., Ltd., Sino French Water Development Co., Sound Global Ltd., the investment in water works Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., China Water Investment Co., Guangdong Guangdong water Co., Ltd., Veolia, Tianjin Capital environmental Protection Group Company Limited. Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited 2015 Water stock and incremental results continue to achieve double to lead the water environment governance performance significantly. Continue to innovate business models, and actively expand cooperation in water ecology; expand multi-channel financing model to achieve financial reserves for the business expansion; further to consolidate the cornerstone of the extensive expansion inward growth. Beijing Capital Co., Ltd. in 2015 for the first-year share of change, business management model to achieve breakthrough innovation, further improve the industrial layout, continue to accelerate the process of internationalization, with the close cooperation of ecological water acquisitions to build township sewage treatment platform; construction of Internet banking platform explore financial innovation model water industry. 2015s first water performance significantly, to achieve change has stabilized. Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. to seize the opportunity to transform sewage mentioned standard, to achieve leapfrog development; the establishment of research and development in southern membrane technology platform, technology research and development south and north, lay the foundation for future expansion southward film technical services; continue to achieve capital by 2015 force, to achieve the CDB and other shares; Yunnan water listed in Hong Kong, the company enters a new era PPP mode. Sino French Water Development Co., Ltd. based Suez an international context, continue to actively expand and improve the Chinese water industry chain, professional services, high-end model to carry out industrial wastewater treatment; industrial park to build water treatment, sludge treatment and disposal mode, and actively promote the country; based in Chongqing market business, we are actively exploring in the water environment restorationField to gain greater market space. Sound International Co., Ltd. focuses environmental protection more than two decades, with water services and the whole industry chain covering the whole field of comprehensive capacity, large platform strategy continues to highlight. By closing mergers and acquisitions continue to overweight water treatment industry, with technical superiority and listed background, we continue to significantly overweight town water treatment market, and to achieve the performance leader. Water Investment Co., Ltd. in environmental protection by adjusting the structure of inner strength, to achieve steady growth in the main business; the depth of the stock of project development resources derived through profit model innovation, content management and control capabilities to enhance the development of associated business development, regional integration integrated extension development, jumped single project value creation. China Water Investment Co., Ltd. constantly improve the regional water industry chain integration; in the past few years to achieve the rapid development of the performance of water, and has a relatively significant water stocks; actively regulate the management, quality and efficiency of the internal management upgrade; through international cooperation, continue to strengthen brand building. Guangdong Guangdong Water Co., Ltd. based on the two governments attach importance to and investment capacity and the size of the accumulated water, water supply and drainage whole chain operation and management capabilities in the country is relatively leading, security and stability operations. Hong Kong to participate in the supply of fresh water, water distribution and expand the whole industry chain, and earlier foreign market investment operations; by 2015, to achieve raw water supply, including water treatment scale of 15.01 million tons / day; range of business based in Guangdong, facing spread throughout the country. Veolia Environnement is the worlds largest, full-service provider environment; one of the largest operators of foreign investment in Chinese water industry. Done in the field of Chinese water early layout, steady change in recent years, to achieve transformation through innovation and business development, growing emphasis on waste water treatment industry, and is willing to uphold the responsibility to continue to develop water supply services. Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Company Limited with professional operational strength and steady pace of development, continuing to explore a variety of modes of cooperation, seek new breakthroughs; strengthen capital, expand financing channels; to each region for the development of the tentacles, and actively explore the surrounding market. Water purification agents Shu Tim net water purifier attached 2015 list enterprises Water scale and revenue. <img src=

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