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   As Chinas economy continues to grow, more and more serious environmental pollution problems, enterprises of industrial waste water discharge misplacing chaos, a large cast of pesticides in rural areas, municipal solid waste mishandling, etc. to promote our living environment changed dramatically. In particular, our drinking water health problems, has reached worrying proportions, and the rapid economic development and population increase of freshwater resources so that the already minimal for human health is exacerbated by drinking contaminated.

   The World Health Organization (WHO) research statistics, the total fresh water has reached 2,221 kinds of pollutants, mainly organic chemistry, carbides, heavy metals. According to reports, Chinas water pollution has also continued to deteriorate, severe groundwater pollution seven major river systems, lakes and parts of the main, water flows through the city of 90% does not meet drinking water standards, 75% of the lake eutrophication, "Three Rivers three lakes "that Liaohe, Haihe, Huaihe River, Taihu, Chaohu and Dianchi Lake governance, just a prelude to water pollution control of Chinas Yangtze River, Yellow River pollution has not to the extent of non-governance.

   from the current national water environment situation, the pollution has not been effectively controlled, total phosphorus, total ammonia, potassium permanganate and other chemical oxygen demand and high pollution index, 50% of urban groundwater heavily polluted . According to a national survey of drinking water sources reported that 24% of Chinas current population of poor water quality for drinking water, is expected to 360 million Chinese people lack access to safe drinking water (China Daily) About 70% of people affected by drinking water secondary pollution, of which about 700 million people overweight E. coli in drinking water, about 1.7 million people drink heavily polluted water of harmful chemicals, 35 million people drinking excessive nitrates in water.

   Currently purify drinking water problem has been valued by more and more ordinary people together, it can be said there is more multimedia terminal filter water purification equipment, offers the best solution for human health, drinking water, its birth It led to a new pattern of development of the entire water appliance industry. As this water purifier high-tech background growing popularity in the Chinese market, the industry is bound to the rapid development of water appliances. Due to my countrys huge population base and growing water pollution phenomenon, the market capacity of healthy drinking water in my countrys huge.

   According to the National Investigation Agency cf authoritative status of forecasting in Europe and America, in the 21st century health drinking water industry in China UrbanField capacity of more than 100 billion yuan. Water appliance industry will become the biggest bright spot on the Chinese market the next few years. Some experts predict that due to the water pollution problem more and more attention, water appliances has become a worldwide industry. Wanquan of the difficulties, the water industry leader, it is imperative!

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