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   reverse osmosis water purifier, OK? This problem Xiao Bian also query the knowledge base of small household drinking water after to know. Share it with the next.




When it comes to water purifiers, we are not unfamiliar, and we are equipped with almost every household water purifiers. Recently, however, the market and the emergence of a new water purification products - reverse osmosis water purifier. For new products, a lot of people skeptical: home reverse osmosis water purifier okay


multiple filters


domestic water purifier market will be five filters, first level? PP cotton filter, second and third stages of particles of activated carbon, the fourth stage RO reverse osmosis membrane is used, after the fifth stage of activated carbon is mainly used to improve the taste. Filter means filter household (commercial) is a water purifier period of use, typically fiber filter can be used for six months, 12 months, typically activated carbon filters, their life depends entirely on the local water quality, water pressure and water consumption; in the case of periodic filter replacement, the reverse osmosis membrane shelf life of 2 years, more fully if the pretreatment actual useful life of eight years, up to 99% removal. Water purification device manufactured not only for daily drinking, tea, coffee, powdered milk, and other cold drink, drink better direct health effects, the use of pure water ice crystal clear, clean, pure water was further can be used for steamed rice, soup, porridge, etc., to make the food taste pure, raw fruits and vegetables as needed, preferably with pure water for the last time, eat up more at ease, water will not irritate the skin, if it wash your face, can play the role of beauty.




compared to bottled water and bottled water, ultrafiltration: While pure water reverse osmosis water purification filter with substantially the same quality of bottled water, bottled water, but Compare, reverse osmosis water purifier still has some advantages: no need to order bottled water, water, and other water, changing the water and other issues. With the system with the drink, fresh water, sweet and delicious. Cost of water is less than 3 / barrel (5 gallons). Cooking more fragrant, and more tasty soup, tea Gan more sun, more beautiful ...... face


Comparative ultrafiltration: home reverse osmosis water purification and ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water purification water purification are able to provide clean water for us, it is worth looking forward to home water purification equipment. Reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifier has its own characteristics, for different water quality, can have different options. For example, source water quality is very good:Ion content in water is very small (TDS of less than 50mg / L), water does not contain harmful heavy metals and other hazardous substances, this time will be your choice. Because compared to reverse osmosis water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier has the following advantages: low energy consumption, high water utilization. If the source water quality is not good or there is uncertainty, then from the point of view of safety of drinking water, reverse osmosis water purifier will be your best choice. Because reverse osmosis water purifier can consistently provide high-quality pure water for you.


These are the water purifier knowledge introduction, after reading, you should know it. In fact, under normal circumstances, the water is still relatively clean and healthy, so do not be home water purifier it is necessary to install the tangled issue. It is important to have some more knowledge of small household drinking water, will not live without water trapped.




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