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   "NF" technology has been overcome, yet another industry first appeared, we exist in a world of "technology is changing life" where every day witnessed a miracle; QQ, micro letter appeared, and constantly refresh the way people communicate; emergence of the Iphone, truly mobile Internet; water purification industry is recognized as the "pinnacle of technology" and "super nanofiltration." In achieve far more than experts expected, in late 2014, is the first professional water purifier brand - clean water sources, declared R & D success.

   family from drinking appear here once again change!

   "Foxconn" and Chinas most professional water purification business "clear water source" end together

   After several after months of strategic communications, water purification China has "the strongest technology" has the most stringent clean water sources and standardized production capacity of Foxconn, finally stood on the win-win cooperation "strategic territory." Foxconn OEM in the history of the first water purifier was born, called the "perfect"

   two co-director, co-developed the "Internet + original nanofiltration purification technology + full of intelligent remote management and automation control "the most professional water purifier - super clean water source nanofiltration D506, while addressing the industry two problems.

   a, ultra energy (water saving called king)

   Second, the removal of various contaminants while the water retained perfectly useful minerals.

   4.8 "glory and dream" together to show

   April 8, 2015, we will celebrate the most important day. Super clean water source nanofiltration water purifier (D506) will be officially landed Jingdong crowdfunding, open a mystery.

   as a marketing tool, and we have reached an unprecedented agreement Jingdong platform concept of cooperation. During crowdfunding, will be the only time ever "two-way zero profit" mode of operation. Do not short-term interests, and open arms to feel more long-term brand and market share. I hope more people can experience the first time and use our most proud of a home water purification products - "Super nanofiltration D506".

   After Crowdfunding seven days, but will bring a larger super nanofiltration product news conference. Range of innovative products and after-sales service, "New Deal" to be announced, will bring more surprises.

   as a partner, our first time toFoxconns good news.

   also invite you and your family, friends, together to participate in this clean water source crowdfunding campaign to! Together enjoy a "super nanofiltration D506" brought about, only a "huge deal" consumer experience it.

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