Water purification agents to join better to dwh has beerecog

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   for people who want to invest in water purification industry, the water purifier to join the agency to do it is a good question is often the problem. In water purification business, looking for water purifier manufacturers, the election of the factory that is half the battle, the general water purifier manufacturers to join in the study, tends to only pay attention to the strength of the manufacturers, product policy, manufacturers of brand awareness and follow-up services, business strategy and so on. Then, water purifier manufacturers how to make water purifiers franchisees recognize it

   First:? Talk to agents to establish mutual trust relationship

   for a focus on the long-term interests of the manufacturers, more willing to have established a relationship of trust, deserve support long-term cooperation of agents, and agents are willing to choose those with high integrity manufacturers to join, so the establishment of a trust relationship in the beginning of the cooperation is very important, consider the following three small series manufacturers and dealers point to talk clearly.

   鈶? manufacturers in the market to the dealer draw pie was not to forget, is not just a market, there are a lot of peers is also eyeing a little to pour cold water splash to the dealer, must be objectively speaking out, the dealer is not objectionable manufacturers such pour cold water.

   鈶? water purifier market needs nurturing, money might not be so fast. Unlike other markets, water purifier market in order to make big money needs to slow down, it can not be achieved, there is no successful model can be applied to establish a good corporate image the most important.

   Second: allow agents to make money long-term follow

   allows dealers to make money long-term distributors of the manufacturers of the most popular, how to identify such manufacturers

   鈶?? strong price control system. Dealers fear most what? Today to spend 300 to buy something, tomorrow is filled with 280! Price system is a space of dealer profits, and this is their lifeline! Do water purifier dealers from the beginning, the real at harvest, may take a years period, during this time, they are doing the basic work of the market, paving the way to work, they think only to grow crops, food will have to fight back. These dealers are manufacturers valuable asset, we must allow them to make money, so the price policy must be stable.

   鈶? we must actively developing new products. Although the Chinese market has a law: as long as the money-making products, imitators will swarm on the ground. Also, the product itself has its inherent life cycle, which determines, plantHome only to their quality has been leading the market, and only then, the dealer can never earn a chunk than its competitors.

   Third: the ability to provide complete post-service

   water purifier manufacturers must take the interests of the community as their agents, must find agents think, worry agents urgency. Agents have regional characteristics, once the water purifier manufacturers of products selected, first to promote his new relatives and friends, and then later open slowly around the circle to do, just as throwing stones in the water, circle around, a network of agents is water purifier manufacturers money veins.

   鈶? proxy agents to have a gradient.

   even take only a few goods, but also given the opportunity to develop their space up; lets have the ability to do to maximize their energy and enthusiasm, and to give it adequate protection area .

   鈶? water purifier product knowledge to training, mainly for sales agent or salesperson.

   Now most of the water purifier manufacturers due to staff shortage reasons, basically do several color pages to agents even completed the task, no one thought to help agents become in the shortest possible time skilled, but also make great efforts, with real dealers and their staff to communicate, the only way to allow agents to market quickly became skilled front-line staff, agents only way to make money.

   鈶? water purifiers service must be carefully trained.

   First, water purifier manufacturers should allow agents to the factory after-sales staff to learn, at least three days, during this period, so that they are familiar with the characteristics of the product structure, working principle, but also teach may occur problems after installation should pay attention to details, which details the installation accountable to consumers. Secondly, water purifier manufacturers to send technical personnel to local agents, the most vulnerable, the easiest time to develop bad habits, so the water purifier manufacturers that support the work of great value.

   just do the above three points, for a water purifier to join the agency better to do this problem must be solved, but also allows agents and water purifier manufacturers to achieve long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and common cooperation win.

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