You can not eat boiled eggs overnight

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   As we all know overnight water can not drink, drinking is unhealthy, then, that some people are afraid of water overnight throw a pity, used to cook eggs, then can not eat boiled eggs overnight? Followed by a look at it.






the overnight water why not drink? We all know that water overnight long-term contact with air will produce a lot of bacteria, drink stomach would be a bad stomach, easy to diarrhea, but sometimes too much leftover not have the heart to throw away, with water overnight to eat boiled eggs, then someone overnight asked if he could eat boiled eggs do?


After some expert information and funding aspects of the food in the online collection of small series, it can be said overnight boiled eggs are edible, but not all of the overnight water do not drink, as long as water overnight was placed in a sealed container, then there is no harm to the body. The following small series with a look at the method of boiling water.


boil water to boil three minutes:


boiling water for three minutes before drinking, because not completely drunk boiled water susceptible to cancer. Drinking water in the city who are drinking tap water, plain water after rivers and lakes into the water plant, to go through chlorination to remove microbes and other impurities. But at the same time, residual chlorine and organic matter in water interactions, the formation of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other toxic and carcinogenic compounds.


Studies have shown, a halogenated hydrocarbon, chloroform and the content of the boiling temperature changes is closely related to the length of duration. When the water temperature reaches 90 鈩? halogenated hydrocarbons from the original content rises to 191 micrograms per liter of 53 micrograms per liter of chloroform rose from 43.8 micrograms to 177 micrograms, more than 2 times the national standard. When the water temperature rose to 100 deg.] C, the content of a halogenated hydrocarbon and chloroform decreased to 99 micrograms and 110 micrograms, it is still more than the national standard. If continue to boil for 3 minutes, and halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform contents were reduced to 9.2 micrograms and 8.3 micrograms, then became safe drinking water.


Of course, water is not burned as long as possible, because the longer burn time, non-volatile harmful substances and nitrite in water, because the water is concentrated by evaporation, content is relatively increased, so drink water also harmful to the body.


water storage for too long, it will be infected with the bacteria produce nitrite, nitrite once poured into the human body, can make tissue hypoxia, nausea, vomiting, Headache, palpitation and other symptoms, severe hypoxia can make people to death. Nitrite in the human body but also the formation of nitrosamines, trigger liver cancer, stomach cancer and the like. After boiling water in a thermos mounted variable temperature, the bacteria faster, more reduction of nitrite. If you want to know more home drinking little knowledge, it would continue to focus on Internet cafes.




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