Secret- the advantages and disadvtages of rioutypofir purifi

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  Secret: comparative advantages and disadvantages of various types of air purifiers Published: at 17:13 on September 18, 2017 Hits: 41 emerging market of air purifiers, air purification ability of different products is very different, which in addition to manufacturers production technology, but also with the working principle of the product concerned. So different kinds of air purifiers What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? 1. Photocatalyst technology photocatalyst air purifier technology nanomaterials under irradiation of light, the light energy into chemical energy, promoting organic synthesis or degradation of organic matter. Advantages: dust, bacteria and other effects, is a technique widely used. Cons: Must to take effect at a specific wavelength of UV excitation, product life is very short, the effect is not obvious, UV damage to people, not human coexistence during purification. The main principle of the air purifier negative ion technology 2. negative ion technology is the use of electrostatic discharge negative ions, adsorption dust in the air concentration of dust played a role, while negative ions in the air is also ionized oxygen into ozones effect on certain bacteria kill off effect. Advantages: Anion dust in the air, dust particles combine to produce electrostatically charged dust, dust particles, the sedimentation after being attracted ground, play purification. Disadvantages: not eliminate formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases. 3. The air purifier Activated Carbon Activated carbon dust cleaner having a deodorizing function, can purify the air, but due to adsorption saturation, the attenuation effect is likely to occur. Advantages: odor adsorption air disadvantages: (1) not by physical, chemical, biological reaction of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances decompose, to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. (2) to be regularly replaced and continue to incur costs. 4. The air purifier ozone technology ozone technology inactivated bacterial the reaction is very fast, very thorough sterilization, but far exceeded ozone harmful to human health. It strongly stimulate the human respiratory tract, can cause breathing difficulties, dizziness, headache and other adverse reactions. So used for industrial waste gas treatment. Advantages: low concentrations of ozone in the air may be retained kill, a variety of people and animals in water, the surface of the pathogenic bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and microorganisms. Disadvantages: (1) excessive ozone is an invisible killer, can cause human neurotoxicity, dizziness, headache, decreased visual acuity, memory loss. (2) not human coexistence. (3) can not adsorb solid particles. Art air purifier 5.HEPAHEPA air purification technology is relatively mature technology dust, HEPA filters to 0.3 micron particle filtration efficiency can reach 99.9%, it is a safe and reliable dust technology! Advantages: more than 0.3 microns for the fine particles, dust, bacteria, viruses and other substances, effective filtration. Disadvantages: (1) easy to damage, can not be washed, must be periodically replaced in order to continue to use. Maintenance is expensive. (2) a high-density HEPA filter, there must be a strong exhaust intake fan to drive the air flow through it, more power. (3) flows through the filter only pollutant particles and odors in the air. Electrostatic precipitation air cleaner 6. Electrostatic Precipitation popular speak a magnetic field is formed by adsorption of high voltage electrostatic dust in the air, cleaned air to reduce dust. But it can not directly kill viruses, bacteria break down contaminants; if too much dust or the cleaning up of electrostatic air cleaner efficiency decline, could easily lead to secondary pollution. Due to the high voltage discharge, configure the safety device, or in large public places higher requirements on the sterilization conditions generally are not indoor places. Civil best not to use. Advantages: easy to use, the use of one or two weeks, the dirty water can wash the dark, little secondary pollution reduction. Not with the high price of replacement supplies. And static electricity can be sterilized. Electrostatic tungsten release 6000 volts voltage electrostatic, and instantly kill bacteria, viruses, and pollen. Extremely effective for the elimination of colds and infectious diseases. Disadvantages: off, dust or the like adsorbed on the electrode release cause secondary pollution, the electrode plate requires periodic cleaning. Previous: Expert advice: how to put a home air purifier, purifying effect is more pronounced

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