Pretend not installed the water purifier it really does noma

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   Do you feel at home water purifier pretend not installed it does not matter? You still think your home water is very clean?

   Recall that when the water without water again, Have you seen this situation? after


   without water, when the water again, the water flow out of the tap there is a lot of sand, rust, water is yellow this time, we put all turn on the water, has been turn on the water ......


   flow out of this water, you dare to drink? do you dare to cook with it? do you dare to use it to wash, shampoo, bath, feet do?

   [ 123] you can not, I can not, we dare not, because we all know that it is dirty, its not safe, clean healthy water. But how do we do? We just turn on the water has been in the drainage.

   into the flow out of the water looks clean, no sand, no rust, and water is not yellow, and become shining white, so we started with a bold, we drink, we do dinner, we wash clothes ......

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