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   seeing good momentum of development water purifier, a growing number of people engaged in water purification industry. Distributors, resellers increased year by year. For their own purposes, and more focus on channel development level, making the terminal sales channels have been taken in a multi-method process is a combination of various methods. In addition to the common store promotions, promotions, and other community, there are many channels Chamber of Commerce take the form of "recommended to friends and relatives," the sale of water purifiers.

   But recently Mr. Zhu Chongqing residents but for a water purifier and the wife does not, by understanding wife "trial" a friends offer to sell 6,000 yuan a water purifier. Mr Chu believes that the use of friends affection marketing "means the sale of the high price of the product, is" a lie. " There are many water purifier sales methods, "selling" not a bad idea, but beware the way, otherwise the result would be counterproductive.

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   embarrassing "selling"

   people pay attention to "reciprocity." Between friends with each other, "use the service, to join in" is also a social habit. So if friends and relatives were "selling" is often difficult to refuse because of the sensibilities, are not willing to buy. Thus, not only detrimental to the feelings between friends, also off a bad impression to the other party. So, how to "sell" water purifier, and not to each other disgusted mentality is this?

   changed to positive education side effects of

   a lot of people selling water purifiers, a mouth is endless surging river of "education lines", people listened to will not be afraid, just want to escape. In fact, whether consumers buy water purifier, the focus is digging his needs. If he did not demand, say no good. Now most "sell" are targeted to acquaintances, acquaintances and therefore tap the demand from the side to start with. Chatted draw closer, to understand each others views on family water environment, not to rush to "sell" their product. There are stores to operate a friend acquaintances about their own stores to a guest, when a consumer to understand the product, allowing Purchasing Guide describes the sound is slightly larger, make acquaintance to attend to, but also the way why the "consultation" under consumer buying water purifiers, the impact from the side, will direct "introduction" to the much more effective than you, but also more convincing.

   Do not "water purifier" written on his face

   Some people Meet friends put "water purifier" written on his face, talk about it, true to his present Row. The purpose is too strong, people will avoidAnd not see. Meet friends, chat, and if the cause of the work can be revealed to him some good news, such as health awareness, industry consultants, and other business progress, the one in touch with friends, and second, to convey information. This "no-imposed" type of messaging, often play the effect of "imposed" type. Because when he was on the industry, the more understanding of the product, the more will think for themselves or talk to others, thereby indirectly strengthened his health consciousness. Of course, after you finish disclose your information, remember to be concerned about a friends situation, so you come to me, a friend will not feel like you just to "sell" from.

   With the improvement of environmental pollution and the deterioration of peoples health awareness, more and more consumers take life change and water purifiers to bring recognition, but to wait and see how many people from the start, the continuing need salespeople efforts. In this proposal, while sales of water purifiers acquaintances, from start to build trust, and then cultivate awareness, so as not to let the other side have a psychological "face to buy".

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