Robust 30-year-old returned to the bottlewater marketo makeo

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   Robust mentioned, it can be described through a number 80, 90 growth memories.

   This Boquan founded in 1989 by the brand, with AD calcium milk, pure water and other products in its heyday can with Wahaha, Nongfu Spring under a high.

   Today, Robust its products in the market has been hard to find, but now they want to kill the brand is back! According to Beijing Daily News, Robust bottled water will be 360ml, 550ml two specifications, for sale in South, Southwest and other regions.

   had been abandoned by foreign investment, and then repeatedly named by product quality problems, this time 30-year-old Robust rely on feelings to earn 80, 90 after the money?


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   Robust return to the bottled water market

   According to the Beijing Daily reported recently, Robust relevant person in charge said that in the 30 years of the establishment of the occasion, Robust launched a new package of bottled water category, including the use of clouds on pure water and mineral elements, bottle design, and marked with the words 30 years, in South, Southwest and other parts of the region take the lead in sales. Mineral water packaging specifications for 360ml, purified water specifications for 550ml, bottle two products are priced at $ 2. Beijing area is expected to go on sale in June.

   Robust official website show that at present, drinking water Robust business is bottled products are mainly aquatic products, including Robust pure drinking water, packaged drinking water and natural mineral water.

   Robust pure water once said that "27 layers of water purification," the ad popular, but according to Health Times previously reported, in three years time Robust 6 times on the national and municipal levels food and Drug Administration list of sampling failure.

   most recently in February 2017, the State Food and Drug Administration official website said the notice was issued, Robust Robust (Guangdong) Bottled Water Development Co., Ltd. of drinking natural spring water, bromate inspection a value 40% higher than standard.

   in March 2015, Fujian Robust Food and Drug Administration also check out clean drinking water (18.9 l / barrel) problem of excessive total number of colonies.

   founder of the collective resignation

   public information, Robust founded in 1989, is one of the few Chinese food and beverage industryWell-known trademark by the State Trademark Bureau identified.

   In 1993, under the leadership of Boquan, Robust become the countrys high-quality milk yogurt brand, its health care products, dairy products, beverages rapid business development, Robust milk, AD calcium milk, Robust pure water, mineral water have all been well-known brand products.

   in the next few years, the face of the rise of Wahaha, Robust is no longer the dominant lactic acid drinks, Boquan began to seek help.

   2000, Boquan Robust 92% of the shares will hand over, Danone became the actual controller Robust, Danone paid 2.38 billion dollars for the deal.

   If in the acquisition of Danones still Boquan plan that Boquan his left but a little tragic colors.

   2001 November 30, "Robust" special meeting, Qin Peng on behalf of the Danone today announced the decision to accept Boquan and other five entrepreneurs collective resignation, the venue suddenly stirred, came to try to tone Boquan peacefully resigned reasons explained: "we recognize that the controlling party of the future development strategy of Robust Danone serious differences ......" voice hardly ever, been choked voice, "from the next day, I was gone, so leave is the best. "

   Robust after Danone was acquired, and no image booming Boquan desired. Every time there was the small series (Micro Signal: nbdnews) learned that in 2005 a loss of 157 million yuan Robust in 2006, a loss of 150 million yuan in 2007, a loss of 80 million yuan.

   Finally, November 14, 2016, Foreign Danone confirmed its drinking water will be sold to another brand Robust located in Shenzhen of China corporate earnings Investment Holdings. Since then, Robust back to the embrace of the Chinese capital.

   Boquan today has become an angel investor, has invested 7 Days Inn, long time Ah, hi tea company. "Do business when his son, there is always a price to let you sell it," which is mentioned when talking about Boquan Robust Ai asked in an interview with People interview.

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