Tao Wei industry reshuffle frequently crack down on counterf

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   Recently, the central environmental protection inspection teams to enter Xuchang, Xuchang city of more than 2,000 polluting emissions class producers conduct a comprehensive investigation and rectification of non-compliance companies will wind up facing power outages, suspend production for rectification.




Tao Wei industry reshuffle frequently crack down on counterfeit goods (Photo from Internet)

   To be sure, this environmental remediation actions, the government is to make it real, is bound to have a profound impact on the industry, a major reshuffle will be inevitable. Medium-sized enterprises can make use of their own advantages, in time to adjust. If the weaker small businesses can not adjust the direction of development, will be phased out.

   state has promulgated three laws counterfeiting

   1. The March 17, 2016 the State Administration for Industry Order No. 85 published: commodity quality supervision and management measures circulation, law enforcement officers spot checks, including terminal retailers stores, qualification of suppliers of brand, product certification and other marks, pursuant to laws and regulations to implement the production license or compulsory product certification system of goods, check their license, certificate.

   Thus considerable, if companies or stores can not provide proof, and some even refuse to law enforcement, they will face heavy fines.

   2. Article 25 stipulates that there are grounds to believe that do not meet the protection of human health and personal and property safety of the national standards, industry-standard goods or other goods have serious quality problems, as well as directly for sales of the commodity raw materials, packaging materials, special tools, to be seized or detained. This is one of strict rules for the field of commodity circulation.

   Interpretation: shoddy toilet, shower, faucets and other products, are involved in human health and safety of goods, once checks to substandard goods, or there is a serious security risk products, such as faucets levels of lead, intelligent there is the risk of leakage toilet, shower glass failure, etc., will be seized or detained the business sector.

   3. Article 31 stipulates that do not correspond to the protection of human health and personal and property safety of the national standards, industry-standard goods the supplier shall be ordered to stop selling to sellers, confiscate the illegal sales of goods, impose illegal sale of goods (including both sold and unsold goods) fined the equivalent value of the amount more than three times; the illegal income,Shall be confiscated; serious cases, revocation of business licenses.

   Interpretation: The manufacturers of shoddy bathroom will be sold to dealers to stop selling, confiscate goods, and a fine equivalent to three times the punishment inventory, other illegal proceeds shall be confiscated, serious direct business license revoked.

   Why sanitary ware market in recent years appear frequently shuffle?

   due to the low threshold into the bathroom late start, poor-quality brand-name products in the market abound. Low-quality brand-name products rough work, quality standards, and even can lead to the use of personal safety risks. In recent years, well-known brands continue to be false, even single involving up to one million yuan, not only to bring to market a lot of security risks, but also disrupt the orderly development of the industry market.

   Once the adverse effects due to counterfeit or infringing products, are affected by the use of consumer safety, affect the brand reputation, exposure, flawed, but conceal the brand of the injury, hurt consumption of . So this year the state has increased efforts to crack down on fake and shoddy products, once caught and punished.

   The lower the price the more the market is not

   cottage bathroom products will be much cheaper than the genuine Why? Insiders pointed out that, first, genuine bathroom each product are carefully developed, cottage products most counterfeit goods, the basic need research and development expenses; second, the bathroom is to do quality control, the cottage does not do quality control, their plants are also a number of small workshops and low cost; third, cottage products and materials key to zero components are also low cost materials, even recycling system; fourth, cottage substantially no service, which greatly reduces the cost. So such poor sanitary, consumers despise, Bureau of Quality Supervision is also a strong fight, and even electricity providers have begun crowding.

   since last year, electricity providers have begun to hit low with substandard sanitary, shoddy bathroom more and more national attention and the community, even before the Zhejiang Bureau of Quality Supervision joint regional media, organized groups like consumers to buy conduct trawl sampling, substandard products the first time began to spread in the major media. According to statistics, last year Lynx using the "public review + big data" to find ways cottage goods. We removed a total of more than 200 cottage bathroom business. Bathroom companies do not always think of "stick someone elses light," the saying goes, self-reliance, food and clothing, why bother to point petty cheap watch others face live.

   TaoWei enterprises are facing this "sudden" storm, must flow, and actively embrace, from themselves, to improve their own shortcomings as soon as may be invincible in this major reshuffle, the occasion even take off. (Source: China Ceramics Net)

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