Prisons are water purifier watpufioly is the genal trend

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   Just last month, Hubei Huangzhou prison Xiang Shui-lai, the company purchased a number of water purification equipment and supplies. You know, or do not know, purification filter water purifier has penetrated into every aspect of peoples lives and production, because -! Clean water is the trend, just need water

   in a lot of peoples minds, prisons and detention centers across the country have been shrouded in a veil of mystery on even talk about discoloration. Coupled by a variety of film and television drama exaggerated rendering of the story, that the walls inside are filled with prison tyrants, head prisoners, have enough to eat after it comes in, clothed, much cold wind all day ......

   [123 ] so the question is, is this really so? Definitely No, you must not be like "Shredded devils" exaggerated story fooled! in prisons and detention centers inside entirely different story! [123 ]

   with continued social progress, all kinds of information after another open and transparent, prisons and detention centers inside the scene also opened a mysterious veil. Thus, we see, in detention centers, prisons and even the penal farm, installation and drink straight water boilers with a purification filter function, and even large-scale water treatment equipment, to provide security for the members of the working and living inside the prison have been drinking is no longer news! ensure safe drinking water and water for house staff of these prisons, avoid drinking dirty water leaving the labor reform, and even be offenders or suspected offenders resulting in personal safety, thus avoiding the underlying disease disorders happen!

   in fact, as early as a few years ago, the countrys prisons, labor camps, detention centers have set off a deep purification of drinking water renovation project, Anhui white Lake prison, Hefei prison, Hubei Huangzhou prison, Xiangfan prisons, womens prison, Yingde, Guangdong prison, the womens prison, Jiangsu Jiangdu detention Center, Haimen detention center, detention center in Xuzhou, and Guyuan prison, prison Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Hunan Yueyang prison, prison, Guangxi, Zhejiang Huzhou prison, Gansu Womens prison, and so on, and so on, these special places have also installed a drinking water purification equipment.

   detention centers, prisons, womens prisons and labor reform farm as an educational detainees or prisoners shun evil and the good, and to ensure that important position in criminal proceedings normally carried out smoothly, is humane management as the core to safeguard the health personnel of the legitimate rights and interests. Through the installation and use of these water purification equipment in special places, openWater device around the clock to improve the living conditions or conditions of service of prison populations, detention centers, labor camps and so on, which is the "rule of law", to build a legal system reflects the country.

   prior to prisons, detention centers, labor camps ways to upgrade drinking water, drinking water here depends mainly on bottled water, small water tank and bottled water, etc., there are many drawbacks, such as security water sources, drinking water secondary pollution, and so on. Therefore, in promoting the country as a whole, in recent years, detention centers, prisons and labor reform farms across the country are beginning to office by tender, etc. In these "special place", canteens, dormitories, public life, etc. installed on the space drinking water equipment, in order to solve the drinking water safety regulators and reconstruction workers.

   In the transformation of these places drinking water is generally divided in several ways, one is directly mounted large RO water treatment equipment such as reverse osmosis purification daily treatment capacity is even less than 2 ton capacity will be 10 tons apparatus deep purification water, then the water boiler, pipe machine, water is distributed to the respective platforms water points. Another is to purify the dispersion and water, i.e. water at each mounting point "RO RO water purifier + pipeline machine" combination, or a combination of "+ RO water purifier water boiler", and then purifying drinking straight or integrally That machine drink straight or with purified water boiler function to solve and so on, in short, flexible solutions, adapted to local conditions.

   moment of China, water pollution information is disclosed more and more, peoples perception of dirty drinking water and its hazards has become increasingly clear, safe drinking water and thus be more and more people pay attention. Just think, even detention centers, prisons and labor camps in the installation and the popularity of water purification products, indicating that there is no safe drinking water already dead!

   terminal deep purification of drinking water, water purification equipment installed at various places to live and work is already the trend is bound to cover everyone, no matter where you are!

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