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  Water purifier belong resistant consumer goods, in addition to the filter should be changed regularly, the service life of up to ten years or even longer fuselage, which allows the water purifier is different from the replacement of other FMCG, water purifier filter makes the service seem particularly important, thus resulting in the purchase of consumer water purifier will not only consider the product quality as its theme, care about is the after-sales service, if the service is not in place then the water purifier brand will be eliminated! current water purifier market was mixed, injected into the cause of various brands of water purification products serious homogeneity, the price is uneven, Xiao Bian here to remind everyone do not be cheap induce many small workshops assembled out of water purification products did not pass inspection, there is no relevant documents of approval and wading legal production qualification is no quality assurance at all, they should be based only bargaining chip is cheap in the market, because they are only a hammer the sale, the sale never! As the first batch of water purifier to do the old brand - M focused on water purification for 16 years, with a strong technology and good after-sales service system won the majority of consumer recognition, - M is the industrys first self-developed company filter material and filter technology, the company has nearly a hundred kinds of senior technical staff, high standards and the introduction of German production lines and clean room! To ensure that every factory machines are high standards of product quality assurance! For sale, Kang Hua Group to take a strong after-sales system, divided after-sales service points area, the headquarters set up a sales department, after-sales problem occurs if the place, local service point could not handle the after sales department will be reflected in the headquarters severe punishment to the service point! Strong technical strength and strong after-sales service to let China become a perennial Kang water purifiers top ten brands of consumer satisfaction index ranking first! Original link: http: //www.hrkon.com/hynews/20150505373.html

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