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body water content of about 65% can be said that man is made of water. Chinese medicine believes that water yin, Yin, is the first natural ingredients Yin fluid, and water as men of the first regimen. Drink plenty of water is a seemingly common thing, and should drink right, but not so simple.


Spleen injury early morning drink more. After a night of consumption, the morning after the body of a high blood concentration, this time to drink water, to prevent the blood is too thick, but also to bowel, bowel movement. However, in the morning when the body yang germinal, while water is a negative, easily hurt Spleen, and therefore should not drink, not to drink cold water. Weak constitutions of the elderly and children can drink half a cup (about 100 ml) of water, adults can drink.


water demand. Chinese medicine does not advocate thirsty to drink water, advocated comply with the demand, but may drink too much harm to the kidneys. The persons age, physical condition, climate and geographical location will affect the demand for water, such as cold winter, the human body needs water naturally less; summers are hot, people need to drink plenty of water. To vary the amount of water, healthy person may be judged by whether dry mouth, dry stool, dark urine, yellow and other signals. For example, normal urine color should be yellow, the color is too deep if you should add water, if the color is very light on instructions could drink more.


4 best drinking period. The morning after drinking a glass of water, can play a laxative, easing constipation; after a nap, the body consumes high energy intake of lunch, easily tired, 13: Drink a glass of water between 00 (best: 00 to 15 green tea), can serve to prevent drowsy, lipid-lowering effect; drink a glass of water before dinner, you can scour the bodys physiological toilet --- clean bladder, kidney row of poison, but also to prevent gallstones, kidney stones and other diseases; sleep at night before drinking a glass of water can Yin, anti-blood thick. This is the best time to drink water every day, and the rest can be replenished as needed.


is not fierce gulp of water. When thirsty, many people are used to "grunt" to some booze, everyone knows, so fierce drink water, it will suddenly increase the load on the heart; drinking water fierce meal, will dilute the acid, affect digestion. A small amount, many times, slow drink of water is correct in principle. The saliva in your mouth, swallow slowly several times, in order to fully moisten the mouth and throat, relieve thirst. In addition, those with heart failure, acute nephritis, renal failure should not drink too much.


"yin and yang of water" to drink less. So-called"Yin and yang of water" refers to more than the raw water (mineral water, tap water, etc.) and water mixed into the water, has spread drink "yin and yang of water" on the network can row enterotoxin argument, but these ideas no scientific basis. Daily drinking water in the purified, mixed affect the body, but in addition to tap water, well water and the like raw water, containing more bacteria, bacteria, parasites and other pests, with their mixing with water, will take to many microorganisms and toxins, can cause intestinal infectious diseases, it is not desirable.



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