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   water purification agents selected seven major considerations? Since the reform and opening up, Chinas rapid development of industrial technology, but also to our environment brings harm. Our situation is grim water pollution, air pollution intensified. Peoples drinking water safety is a serious threat, they are able to protect the health of residents home water purifier universal imperative.



   for the water purifier market hot, many want to start gay, love to water purification agents. Lack of understanding of the water purification industry, do not know which brand to join a water purifier. The development of water purification industry to the present, as many as thousands of water purification manufacturing plants, of varying quality. There is a real history, powerful and professional water purifier manufacturers are not many. Want to be a water purifier agents, entrepreneurs how to choose a well-developed water purifier manufacturers

   The following seven steps will help you find the right water purifier to join the brand?:

   a: wading this document are the hardware foundation

   people drinking water purification products and health are closely related, and therefore the product is qualified water purifier select brand foundation. Many lay people choose to join the brand have not asked wading document, once the latter part of the health sector, but off sampling, is facing more serious penalty. So, Agent Selection brand must first understand clearly whether water purifier manufacturers to obtain health permits health supervision department, wading document, whether through technical supervision departments identified, in line with the national "drinking water quality standards." In addition, we should try to select some high profile brands established a long time, because some fledgling small businesses near water purifier, also somewhat lacking in technology and product quality.

   Two: understand the overall strength of the brand

   Throughout the entire water industry, who claim to have the strength of water purification company, general have product development capabilities, in terms of water purification products and production equipment, it is perfect systematic. Unlike those "three noes" products, even the standard production workshop, testing workshops, laboratories are not, this is not only water purifier brand quality can not be ensured, there is a big health risk products. A sign of trouble in case the market will collapse missing, only the consequencesCan be borne by its own water purification agents.

   a good brand needs to focus on the heart, but also a professional team and professional equipment, water purifier brand manufacturers as well. Some water purifier brands are coming in the other areas of cross-border, but these cross-border brand, in fact, may not be focused on the water purifier business pour resources. Instead, focus on the professional water purifier brand manufacturers because the center of gravity concentrate resources, product quality and user experience to do a more precise place.

   III: Price and understand the operating profit

   profit and price are two completely different concepts, there is no necessary link between them. Any business in the pursuit of a reasonable profit margin, profit, enterprises can survive and develop, agents as well. Large brand price is relatively high profits in a reasonable range, water purifier manufacturers of good quality, good support to the agents, the agents good service, has won the recognition of consumers, consumers are willing to pay, agents obtain operating profit, manufacturers can develop.

   Four: market support policies

   water purifier in the country also belongs to an emerging industry, water purification agents for the vast majority to said to be a totally unfamiliar area, which requires manufacturers to provide water purification system of product knowledge, industry knowledge, training, marketing specialist manufacturers faction, will sell water purifiers water purification agents for the lecturer, trainer for market support, training and guidance, support decoration, opening support, advertising support, marketing support materials, promotional activities, marketing activities will support rural areas and so on.

   five: understand the product quality, word of mouth, selling

   product quality is a brand-based hardware requirements, only strictly control the quality, to retain reputation, customers will continue to believe that you will have a steady stream of tourists. When you choose some cheap inferior products, water purification agents, water purifiers failure because then every day confused, overwhelmed, unable to help themselves when, you know how important quality.

   At the same time selling a product is also very important, there is no selling point there is no consumer buying desires and impulses.Domestic water purifier product homogeneity, only strong, independent design and development of water purifier manufacturers to achieve product differentiation in order to stand out in contrast to the product advantages.

   Six: Is there a market order to protect

   water purifier manufacturers to grant exclusive rights to water purification agents region, it is necessary to protect the net water is the exclusive sales agent of interest, breach of contract manufacturers must not repeat investment. Dishonest manufacturers for their own interests will repeat investment, agents worked hard to make up the brand with the brand is cheap malicious snatch customer resources, this was a crushing blow to the agents, the agents so water purifier to select a strong market awareness of the protection of water purifier manufacturers the choice of brand, market order can not be absolute chaos.

   Seven: improve the service

   Because of the special nature of water purification products, unlike other home appliances sold to consumers on the product completed, the higher its service requirements, the need for professional installation and maintenance personnel to replace the filter. Even the best product does not improve the service can not be called a good brand, the brand is the perfect combination of product + services, particularly in the water purification industry to higher standards of service requirements, quality + + post-installation maintenance indispensable. So I chose to join the brand needs a sound service to the customer a high-quality user experience.

   A good beginning is half the battle. Agent water purifiers, too, must do at the start of preparations for the local market, selecting the right brand of water purifier, then consider the implementation of diversified marketing strategy, bringing diverse profitable way, thus enjoying the clean water wealth ! opportunities

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