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  Buy water purifiers can not go beyond the three "minefield", you know? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 312 Published: 2018-11-14 14:12:41 want to buy a quality home water purifier, not only to have some way to buy a water purifier, but also to understand Some water purifier business lies, and buy water purifier "minefield", 80% of consumers have a false understanding "minefield" a: filter quantity and quality of water purifier filter a lot of people think the more, the better the quality of water purifiers. Many businesses seize this point, the three water purification filter increases back to six, the price turned over several times, in fact, more than a few ordinary cartridges only. Quality water purifier is not only related to the number of filter with filter material also has a great relationship. We can not be solely on the number of cartridges to determine good or bad water purifier. "Minefield" Second: the problem of imported water purifier water purifier many domestic businesses to increase sales, to suppress the imported brands, saying that imported water purifier is not suitable for Chinese people to use, is not suitable for Chinas water quality, which is to mislead us . Brand water purifier filter drinking water is a pressing international standards of production, the purified water can reach the international drinking water standards. "Minefield" Three: no cleaning filter water purifier of any one issue will need to be cleaned, but a manual and automatic points, a lot of water purification filters are turned on automatic flush function, so it does not require us to manually clean the filter. That is correct. These super 8 percent of consumers will have misconceptions, which some of the water purifier business propaganda have a great relationship. So we buy a water purifier, we are concerned about the price and quality of household water purifiers, sale, but this knowledge is what we need to know.

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