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destruction of water sources, water delivery process in the secondary pollution, secondary water hazards, wading scale damage to appliances, to get people to safe drinking water daily exception concerns.


Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy and peoples living standard has been greatly improved. However, industrialization has brought increasingly serious environmental pollution, which is particularly serious pollution of water. Peoples health, culture, fashion and life of drinking water quality worsening formed a sharp contradiction. Therefore, in order to address domestic product of drinking water problems have come into being, two different solutions have been drinking the coexistence, competition and development: one is the bottled water, the other is the community water vending machine.



"Bottled drinking water +" to improve peoples quality of drinking water and way, and soon swept the country, the formation of a "bucket" world situation. After entering the 2000 period of rapid development, has made a major share of the drinking water market, established a market leading position.


However, bottled drinking water and water dispenser industry after years of development, has been in the product life cycle maturity. At the same time, Driven by interests, many unqualified bottled water begins a vicious impact on the market. Combined with its own problem of secondary pollution problems, "drinking + bottled water" approach has been difficult to play the role of safe water, the whole water dispenser market is showing a cooling trend, this water vending machine water purification for the community equipment products has brought new development opportunities.


community water vending machine water purifier installed in the upcoming municipal tap water at water purification device, and is currently an ideal treatment equipment, it can not only remove contaminants from water and to retain beneficial to human body substances, but also more cost-effective advantages. It is flexible and easy to install, simply municipal tap water purifier installed at the water, it can be 24 hours the system is now available, to ensure fresh and healthy water.


drinking water way of drinking water in Europe and other developed countries have popularized two decades in the United States, Japan and other countries purifier penetration rate has reached more than 70%, however, this trend is still popular in China in recent some years before they start. In 2010 my country water purifier market is growing rapidly, the market retail sales reached 12.6 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6%, when the water purification products to 40% -60% of the high profit margins to attract a lot of eyeballs. In early 2011, a large number of enterprisesCrossed the border into business together, the same year in April will launch this industry-standard Adds a fire on the water purifier market is booming. In May 2012, media said tap water qualified rate of 50%, a water market news and instantly showing a good trend.


Han Yue water purification water purification industry is committed to 12 years, through a combination of innovative technology and creative appearance design, research and development of automatic water production, water purification good health, do something for the cause of environmental protection .



automatic water purification system: (a total of nine reverse osmosis purification system: 5 microns PP, then the UDF charcoal particles, the CTO Activated Carbon, 1 micron PP, RO reverse osmosis membrane, filter mineralization, ozone, live water purification, sterilization system.


Han music automatic water purifiers remove chlorine, removal of heavy metals, like a miniature automatic supermarket, automated production is set and sales of high-quality drinking water as one of the automatic machine. just take water and power supply, through its internal high-tech devices (reverse osmosis systems and sterilization systems), which can be any source of water purification to meet the national drinking water health standards live water purification, customer-supplied container, automatically by coin or credit card purchase water way.


Han music from water purification technology development to after every step culmination of rigorous, each step professional focus. brand historical and technical support as well as water purification effect, is one of the evaluation criteria. for 12 years, the Korean water purifier music has always been to remain good reputation and the quality of hard market, people committed to providing quality affordable water purification products. [ 123]


   in China, the Shenzhen water purifier household usage is about 20% -30%, is the highest city, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou reached 20%. However, in other cities, water purifier market is still in its infancy and guide, but the home drinking water is an inevitable trend in the foreseeable future, water purifier market will be very promising.


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