School drinking water standard three secondemar was held Na

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   China Building Materials News: November 27, China Association for Quality Inspection "school DWTU safety requirements," "household and similar DWTU solenoid valve," "household and similar DWTU Conference marketing norms "community standard three second standard seminar held in Nanjing. State Council to promote the "Deepening the reform program Standardization" work requirements for fostering the development of community standards, the concrete implementation of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission jointly issued the "Guidance on cultivation and development of community standards" to promote water purification equipment manufacturing construction industry standardization system, improve the quality of water purification products, improve service level of industry standardization.


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   Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Chairman and Secretary General Dengrui De Cai ancestral roots director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Secretary-General water purification equipment manufacturing industry associations, water industry experts Gu long pass, Vice Minister of China Household Electrical appliances Research & health test Center Deng Zhe, president of Wuxi City, water purification and other leading industry associations Peihan Rong, water industry experts and Lianyungang Bureau of Quality Supervision, Shanghai-ho-taek, AO Smith, Nanjing-good technology, Qin Kang, Shenzhen-Tak, the United States, 3M, Haier, Hainan Li?, Vontron, Xiamen Jian Lin, Chengdu, Sichuan power, Hangzhou Wan Chun, Wenzhou Dayang nearly more than 40 water purification companies and agencies participated in the meeting.



   Dengrui De start speech at the meeting, chairman, said "school DWTU safety requirements", "Household and Similar DWTU solenoid valve", " household and similar DWTU meeting norms marketing, "the three criteria has entered the second stage of discussions, these three criteria are built on field research visits and business needs, especially in the current campus safety of drinking water, will sell much industry concerned, standards organizations hope to fill vacancies in industry standard as soon as possible to lay a good foundation for the development of standards.




Dengrui De chairman speech

   In the next standard discussion, chaired by Gu Chuan long Engineering, a standard group of experts Deng Zhe, Pengkai Qin Wang Sichuan were carried out on three criteria discussed one by one, the participants for technical issues standards revision process, product performance parameters, and other related definitions were excitedIntense discussion.


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"School DWTU safety requirements" Discussion


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"Household and Similar DWTU marketing Conference specification "discussion


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" household and similar DWTU solenoid valve "discussion




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   after the days discussions, the three criteria of work has been further progress. After Dengrui De chairman of the Association will be concluded in order to nurture and develop standards-based groups, to create a nurturing standardized services, will help strengthen market management, improve the overall level of manufacturing industry, water purification equipment industry to promote the healthy development of science. The third criterion will be held in Beijing on December 17. Hope that more good companies to participate in the standards development and common development of the industry suggestions. Finally, the "school drinking water treatment equipment safety requirements" and other standards bodies three successful conclusion.



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