The difference between running water and stagnant wat

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   refers to a generally stagnant storage for a long time, the water is not flowing, the flow of running water is water, particularly at small series as we introduce the difference between the flowing water and stagnant water.




Perhaps many hearts there is a doubt, that stagnant water in the end can not drink? Xiao Bian access to some information now definitely tell you not to drink stagnant water, people are likely to get sick after drinking, then the difference between running water and stagnant water, what does?


stagnant: it is not always strong impact, all the binding chain extension and expansion of the water molecules become flood molecule. Often drink this water, for minors, make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting their growth and development; it will accelerate the aging of the elderly; many parts of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer incidence increasingly higher, according to medical scientists study It may be related to long-term aging drinking water. The data indicate that the aging of toxic substances in the water, along with the increasing water storage time increases.


flowing water: fresh and not contaminated natural water is healthful, self-cleaning, and is resistant to microbial diseases caused. Water contains a lot of oxygen. Ion-rich minerals and trace elements. With an ideal PH value. Most importantly, the molecular structure of hexagonal.


The six basic characteristics of running water:


1, clean, pure and disease: fresh and not contaminated natural water is healthful, self-cleaning, and can cause resistance microbial diseases. Most do not know the exact reason, but the survey showed that the Institute of Sao Paulo, Brazil AdolfoLutz running water can inhibit the reproduction of many species of microorganisms.


2, full of life energy: body throbbing and pulsating tens of trillions of cells into a complex system of harmonic frequencies. This pulsation of life so that each other can communicate with each other, carry out important biological and chemical exchange. Destruction of this harmonic pulsation can cause pain, discomfort and disease.


3, full of life Oxygen: Oxygen is the fuel of life, with the more, the better the body will be able to function, the healthier you are. Most people think that just sucked the oxygen in the air, but in fact dissolved oxygen in water is also more directly into our cells.


4, ion-rich minerals and trace elements: when the water passes through the soil, it gathers minerals and trace elements, which are conductive body andBillions of tiny electrical impulses necessary for the production. Without these pulses, not just a single muscle, including the heart not functioning, growth, and it is impossible to recover.


5, preferably PH value: PH value of water rich in natural minerals slightly alkaline. It maintains the average degree of acid-base body fluid of pH 7.35, the oxygen for the transmission, regulating metabolism, disease prevention and exclusion of acidic waste is necessary.


6, the hexagonal structure is important: the source of life healthful ice water. It small molecules smoothly neatly arranged to form a perfect hexagonal, and rich in minerals.


These are small as we introduce stagnant water and running water have six characteristics which distinguish and running water can help you better distinguish between flowing water and stagnant water, and for the health of your family, you should have some more family Tips drinking water.




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