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   Over the last decade my countrys economic take-off to potential rapid development, peoples living standard is getting higher and higher. But over the pursuit of fast-paced economic development, but also led to water pollution and other environmental problems continue to emerge, which directly affects peoples quality of life and safety. In particular, water quality and safety issues directly related to human life and health, promote the development of water purification industry, which to some extent, but as people security awareness increasing, the size of the water purification industry in 2017 can be expected.


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   At present, the water purifier in my country has developed more than a decade, the industry has formed a mature industry chain system. Especially in recent years, the popular smart home is also stimulating the development of water purifiers and other related industries, especially in 2015 and 2016, the water purification industry has developed rapidly. According to Institute of forward-looking industry, "China water purifier industry sales needs analysis report" data show that in 2016, Chinas water purifier sales of 20.3 billion yuan, of which online sales of 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9%; the line sales of 4.05 billion yuan, an increase of 51.7%.

   It is worth mentioning that Chinas current water purifier market has not yet fully developed, there is still huge room for mining, currently only 5% of our water purifier market coverage, high contrast South Koreas market coverage 95%. Among these, it contains a huge business opportunity, the future of water purifier market can develop into hundreds of billions or even more of the industry.

   with the younger generation of married people, this generation of people pay more attention to health awareness and quality of life, the pursuit of healthy drinking water has become a trend, expected in 2017 water purifier market size of up to 27.1 billion yuan, of which line on up to 21.3 billion yuan, up 5.8 billion yuan next line.

   have such a large dividend can be expected, water purifier industry has also ushered in the explosive growth, according to rough statistics, the domestic water purifier manufacturers has exceeded the number of five thousand, all kinds of good and bad capital investment lead industry trend increasingly impetuous, chaos. This is also one of the water purification industry bottlenecks encountered, you want to stand out, you need to build word of mouth, creating a brand, pay attention to product quality and innovation, enhance the user experience.

   According to the above-mentioned report data show that Chinas current water purifier manufacturers to develop an annual rate of 30%, an annual business of about 40%, of which about 10% of the companies closed down or forced to change jobs.

   the future of water purification will further intensify competition in the industry, while the number of water purifier manufacturers will continue to decrease, but this does not reduce the competitiveness of the industry, but will continue to increase. Because this is a sector with great prospects, as long as the strength of the brand will not give up, but this is a development of the industry inevitable choice, the law of survival of the fittest is the general development of the industry.

   In summary, our next water purification industry will be both opportunities and challenges, as a water purifier manufacturers need innovative technology, improve their product quality, increase product added value, in order to avoid industry shuffle out.

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