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   This years haze is not so serious, the mall is fully air purifier products are no longer marketable commodity. Ha ha ha, you think you can save money?

   always spend the money, there is good air water ah, but the water source of life!

   meow meow today with discount we talk about some questions about drinking water safety, while also summarizes some of the high-quality water purification products, we want to safe drinking water help!

   first of all talk about safe drinking water standards

   [ 123] refers to safe drinking water is a lifelong drinking, drinking water will not have significant health hazard.

   this country, there are two criteria:

   1 Standard for Drinking Water (piping drinking water)

   2 Drinking Water Quality Standards (purified bottled water).

   water meet these two criteria, the water is safe to drink.

   It was no doubt a high domestic standards with international standards, to be following through with the World Health Organization drinking water standards comparative (water quality testing have a lot of items, just take some of the items are different), the data can be seen by our standard is not low.

鍑€姘村櫒 water security risks:

   Since the standards are very strict, so why not uncommon water pollution news it

   the following reasons:?

   [123 ] 1. serious water pollution, industrial waste water, water sources destruction of the ecological environment and other issues.

   2. Poor water plant technology, equipment aging issue, since 1874 the establishment of Chinas first water plant in Port Arthur, water craft for centuries no great changes, most of our water plant commonly known as century-old tradition process can effectively remove suspended solids. The past 20 years, not only in water containing organic pollutants in general organic, some difficult to degrade organics, conventional treatment equipment can not effectively remove these difficult to degrade organics.

   3. The problem of aging municipal pipelines, many places have long pipeline aging, corrosion, rust can cause secondary pollution. Centers for Disease Control in my country to 35 cities nationwide survey, administered by the factory water network delivery to the consumers tap, tap pass rate reduced by about 20%.

   4. Problem chlorine, chlorine water canOrganic reaction, chloroform and the like to generate carcinogenic byproducts. But compared to the dangers of sterilization is not complete, residual chlorine harm is very low, they still adhere to chlorination. Of course, the chlorine itself is harmful to health, especially in hot water, to form a toxic gas may cause allergy or asthma

   In addition to the risk of secondary pollution Then the

   General municipal drinking water line only to the peripheral cell, the cell network developers to set the water supply pipe connected to the user when the building, most of the following two connection methods: one is no tank, pipe network directly using low floor water, high floor (5th floor or above) using direct water supply pump frequency. This condition, if the pipeline standard, safe drinking water is not much problem.

   Another is the old cell, because pressure is not enough, only the roof of the tank is provided through the water supply tank. Poor airtight reservoir, resulting in dust, mosquitoes, rodents and the like into the pool; flat large pool of readily deposited microorganisms and harmful substances, some common pool of water and fire, the bottom of the fire water circulation perennial source of contamination. Some pool capacity is too large, less water, leading to a long time storage of volatile chlorine, microbial growth; water tanks or transport material exceeds health indicators, water quality due to physical and chemical, poisoning indicators exceeded; reservoir cleaned and disinfected prior to use, but off, pollution It was left in the pool caused by pollution.

   which users need to install water purification equipment

   1 cities District: simple test Fu never affect health, may not need to install water purification equipment, as long as boiling can be directly drink. Users of the old district, please disregard this passage ...

   2 small cities or rural areas: recommend the use of household water purifiers, should be selected from a plurality of stages of water purification filter, filter replacement frequency should be higher. Also in this environment the water purifier, the best have to boil before drinking, if you can ignore the RO reverse osmosis.

   3 regions in remote areas or surface water highly contaminated: a great need to install water purification equipment, if environmental constraints can not be installed, and that the finished product bottled water may well be an option.

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