Water purification industry competive enterprises need to do

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   brand marketing is the holy grail of business survival, water purifier company is currently in the lack of brand awareness, lack of management, lack of innovation embarrassing situation for the water purification industry, only do good corporate brand marketing to be able to promote the development of water purification industry.

   water purification industry survival of the fittest, product innovation needs. At present, the water purification industry there are still many problems, ignoring science and technology, product innovation, management ineffective. Although the water purifier business have consciousness in terms of brand awareness, but lack of knowledge of brand management. Water purifier brand development business, because many companies focus on brand building, but it ignores the brand management, brand prevalence of short life cycle phenomenon. Therefore, enterprises should establish a management system to increase and enhance brand management. In the fierce brand competition, relaxed brand management, is tantamount to giving up carefully nurtured brand. Innovation is the driving force of development of things, for enterprises, innovation is alive power. Market competition is innovation, survival of the fittest, brand-name products must continue to innovate and invest to build their own scientific and technological strength of different brands.

   water purification industry should maximize advertising effectiveness. Many people think that branding requires strong brand communication, advertising and brand is proportional to the degree. Of course, brand communication need to use the power of advertising, but many water purifier companies exaggerate the role of advertising, they believe, as long as the ads do invest a lot of money you can build a brand, these companies often regardless of the cost on the advertising investment , significant advertising in the short term can indeed enhance the knowledge of the brand, and promote product sales, but often such delivery there is a considerable blindness, they are more neglected internal factors for corporate brand building. High advertising investment to create a good brand is just a dream. As an enterprise, it should be the right decision, clever use of advertising, the use of advertising to maximize.

   brand is the market, for businesses, with brands that have now and in the future, water purifier companies want to have absolute market advantage, occupying high market share, it is necessary to create an exclusive brand belonging to the enterprise. However, the water purification industry shallow brand awareness, lack of personality, positioning single. Brand companies recognize the word really gets late, so companies know the brand of shallow. Corporate brand positioning is based on market positioning and product positioning, based on cultural orientation and personality differences in specific brandCommercial decisions on, it is related to the establishment of a target market the brand image of the process and results. In my country water purifier brand name generally is similar, so the water purifier business have to build different positioning of the water purifier brand can play its promotional products, establish a brand and corporate image, in order to promote enterprise development.

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