Top 2016 household water purifier using rizontal evaluation

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   has gone through three quarters of 2016, the domestic home water purifier market also appears more and more prosperous scene. With the fall season and a lot of wedding decoration, many domestic consumers will as a water purifier home improvement standard. Wherein, the water can be drinking water purifier sudden emergence. How to choose a cost-effective and appropriate for their own household water purifiers, become a topic of concern to consumers. We carefully selected the major brands on the market is currently the main water purification products made from cost-effective evaluation and use of consumers are most concerned about, which for everyone "thoroughly understand" Each main characteristics of the product.

   Why water purifier family health should be the standard

   Why can out of the water purifier will be hot in recent years, which suffered widespread pollution related to water quality references. It is understood that the original source to make tap water is often second-class or three types of water, a lot of water are four types of water, and even some water to five water. Tsinghua University, a recent national survey on drinking water system disinfection by-products of nitrosamines showed that 44 urban water supply systems nitrosamines disinfection by-products and their precursors, water factory in China and a leader in water the detection rate is 3.6 times the United States. According to other experts pointed out that people like to drink boiled water, but a water boil, and some toxic disinfection by-products may be increased five-fold to six-fold.

   In fact the problem of hazardous substances contained in the water is already a global problem, it is learned, the United States independent research organization Environmental Working Group released the latest report shows that the nations approximately 218 million people drink tap water in varying degrees by toxic elements of hexavalent chromium pollution. Therefore, experts recommend conditional, families should install water purifiers, water to rust, chlorine preparations, organics, heavy metals and other hazardous substances are filtered out.

   For this purpose, pure form as the highest cleanliness of drinking water, has become a matter of course favorable for the consumer can be a pure water purifier, also naturally become hot market. It is noteworthy that the current domestic water purifier market, to the pure water purifier in terms of all aspects of price, service and other functions still huge differences are.

   The water purifier reviews can offer consumers what benefits

   From the history point of view, first, Angel, Patio and other domestic manufacturers as old pioneer, wake up consumers the importance of water purifier, thenPhilips, 3M and other overseas brands have cut into this market continues to expand, followed by the United States, Haier is the leading representative of the family but also to the overall size and technology to enter the market, so that eventually spark a prairie fire; and from work in terms of quality, like the United States, Angel, Patio and other brands, either with filter material manufacturers bargaining costs, or work processes, checks and supervision departments, more than small brand manufacturers win. So, no matter from which point of view, buy brands of water purification products, is the smart choice for consumers.

   However, a brand new generation of products is relatively high frequency, water purification products between different "generations", even if the filtering effect similar, will be in use, water consumption, volume, and maintenance as well as price has a very different, for this evaluation we will focus on several key areas: first, we have chosen is representative of the product brands, which makes the most representative of the mainstream consumer purchase options: then we are evaluating use the characteristics of different products, so consumers want more close - not just to drink clean, but also to get comfortable with; and then the end result of our evaluation can give buying advice from the cost, so consumers will not suffer. " select dyslexia, "spent every penny worth.

   RO membranes are used - this evaluation, the major water purifiers Introduction

   the United States is now the countrys largest, most powerful solutions for drinking water suppliers. Through ten years of precipitation in the water industry, water purification equipment the United States now has a kitchen water purifier, drink straight, pipeline ultrafiltration central water purifiers, water softeners, water purification equipment and commercial pipeline machine six series of products . US water purifier main "reverse osmosis" water purification products, which filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns, a variety of inorganic ions can be trapped, solute molecules, and colloidal substances in water, including heavy metals and the like scale. It is worth mentioning that the United States is the WQA (Water Quality Association USA) members, to cooperate fully with international suppliers. RO membranes are now the most accurate filtering technology, with respect to bottled water fresher, more health, more security.

   In this evaluation, we chose the United States as a water purifier M3 product evaluation, this is a three filter water purifier products, using the US General RO membranes, and for specific domestic kitchen case, made a very specific optimization improvement in the filter, volume, and price maintenance.



United States of M3 product plans

   Haier is also cut by the domestic supplier of integrated appliances to one comprehensive program of drinking water industry market, Haier household water purifier uses filtering technology imported from Germany, as well as the production process, at the same time, Haier water purifier to the reaction rate phone service is known, claims to be able to solve all kinds of after-sale maintenance problems within 24 hours. In this evaluation, we chose Haier type 5020-4, this product is also used Dow RO membrane, Johnson comes with high version of the booster pump, the effect in terms of water, it should be in the same level of M3 and the United States .



Haier 5020-4 Pic

   we review third brand is famous Patio, Patio As a professional water purification equipment , drinking water equipment, industrial complete sets of water treatment equipment, water treatment series of environmental film products business, from the beginning of the 1990s invented a water purifier for drinking fountains, its market position in the country without much to say. In this evaluation, we chose the Patio RO-185I and Patio 05B, consisting of "high and low" combination. Among them, Patio 05B for high-end market, more than 2000 yuan a level of water purification products, even better appearance and cartridge selection; and Patio RO-185I is for the mass market, to be in the configuration and price Some close to the people more than Patio 05B. However, despite this different configuration of "high and low", but equally it is equipped with RO membrane filter.



Patio RO-185I product plans



Patio 05B Pic

   We want to the fourth is the evaluation of the brand Philips, Philips water purifier is the worlds top 500 enterprises Philipss product, Philips China through regional water quality long-term research and development of innovative water purification equipment suitable for Chinese families. Philips decade ago has entered the Chinese water market, consumer demand for the status quo and domestic water purifier market has also studied more in depth, we have this secondary evaluation of its type WP4172 water purifier, which is a use of RO film as a filter water purifier, and expensive, high-end home user market.



FIG Philips WP4172 Products

   The evaluation of the brand is the fifth Angel, Angel and Patio are considered the earliest domestic water purifier market brand in the market so far has been 20 years of history, its market share in major statistical agency has been in the top five in the column. Indeed, consumers pointed out that now is the Angel of endorsers Ms. Fan Bingbing, however, we focus on the product itself as a media pay more attention to their own home water purifier Angel usage. Therefore, we have reviewed this is the popularity of Angel J2375-ROB8 products. This is also the use of RO membrane products, using the US GMs RO membranes, Dow membrane instead.



Angel J2375-ROB8 Pic

   Introduction of the above sections of the evaluation of the product, you have clearly come first conclusion - we All products come with the evaluation of the RO membrane. It can be said that so far, RO membranes are capable of a water purifier iconic filter. RO membranes are reverse osmosis water purification market after the first generation of visual filtering (filtering sediment can rust, etc.), the second generation base filter (to filter bacteria and viruses) filtering the latest generation technology (energy filtering scale, heavy metals, organic matter, etc.). Because of RO membranes it has been representing the highest level of home drinking water filtration effects, so this evaluation we no longer need to discuss too much from the water effect, but rather focus on the human aspects were inked used.

   Appearance: international atmosphere to end it or affixed PFP gas


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