Qualified tap water really safe- Take a look at how experts

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   whether at home tap water purification needs, and some people think that only unqualified need to purify tap water only, and qualified tap water is safe, there is no need for further purification. This concept correct? If you do not ask for water, that was correct. However, we take a look at how experts say it.




qualified tap water really safe? Take a look at how experts say (Photo from Internet)

   a natural to just the basic qualification standard line

   tap water standard is to take care of the majority of the actual water quality and set up our area, is the most basic security line, figuratively speaking, tap water standard is equivalent to 60 minutes of qualifying examinations, just a passing line.

   Second, the index indicates only qualified hazardous substances common standards

   Water 106 index does not fully exhaust all the harmful elements, but common harmful substances. So even if 106 indicators all qualified, there is no guarantee of harmful substances than 106 indicators also exist.

   Third, a different standard so that different individual physical differences

   Water safety standards are based on data statistics, is a substantially secure support line. In real life, because individual physical differences, so that each person is different tolerance to harmful substances, tolerance for those who are below average, the content of the vast majority of peoples safety, for he but it can be dangerous or even fatal.

   Fourth, some of the harmful substances can gradually accumulate

   Some action is gradual accumulation of harmful substances, such as heavy metals. Even safe dose of harmful substances in the body to accumulate a certain amount of time, can also cause the disease.

   V. chlorine harmful to human health

   there is always a residual chlorine in tap water, because the chlorine in tap water craft intentionally added to the list, while chlorine is detrimental to human health.

   So, if you want to drink out after high water, only tap water is obviously not the best qualified choice, we must also use household water purifiers and other water purification equipment to further purify, to be able to meet the requirements of drinking oh.

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