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   a business in the course of business, there will always face some negative impact on the companys publicity, at the same time, this period is the busiest time of each corporate public relations staff. Indeed, the bad news seriously undermine the companys image. Sometimes, public relations crisis caught off guard, only to face the enterprise, in order to turn adversity into opportunity.



   First, what is the public relations crisis public interest


   crisis, the public will be concerned about two issues: one is the issue of interest, interests the focus of public attention, so no matter who is in, water purification companies should be held accountable. Even if the victim has a certain responsibility in the accident, water purification companies should not be held accountable first, otherwise they will be persistent, deepening conflicts, causing public resentment, is not conducive to problem solving. On the other hand is the emotional problems, the public is very concerned about the water purifier business care whether their own feelings, so water purifier business should stand on the position of the victims expressed sympathy and consolation, and apologized to the public through the media, to solve deep-seated psychological, and relationship problems, in order to win the publics understanding and trust.

   In fact, in the eyes of the public and the media tend to have a steelyard of water purifier business have a psychological expectation that companies should be how to deal with a water purifier, I would be satisfied. Therefore, water purifier business absolutely can not choose confrontation, critical attitude.

   Second, how to deal with the crisis

   1, companies need sincere

   When the water purifier business in crisis whirlpool, is the focus of public and media. Your every move will accept the challenge, and therefore do not have chances, under false pretenses. But we should take the initiative to contact the media, communication with the public as soon as possible, the truth of the facts, bringing the two sides understand each other, the avoidance of doubt and uncertainty.

   sincere communication is one of the basic principles of dealing with the crisis. Here in good faith refers to the "three honesty", that is sincere, sincere and honest. If you do this "three sincerity", then all problems can be solved.

   (1), We. In the first hours after the incident, the companys senior public should explain the situation and sincerely apologize, which reflects the water purifier companies take responsibility, consumers and responsible water purifier corporate culture, and to win the sympathy of consumers understanding.

   (2), sincere. All toThe interests of consumers as the most important, do not avoid problems and errors, and timely communication with the media and the public, to the consumer on the progress of the consumer, to regain consumers trust and respect.

   (3), honesty. Honesty is the most critical crisis management and most effective solution. We will forgive a human error, but will not forgive a person is lying.

   2, to be in time

   good thing not to go out, bad traveling thousands of miles. During the first 12-24 hours of a crisis, the message like a virus, the spread of high-speed way to fission. This time, reliable sources are often small, filled with rumors and speculation in the community. The companys every move will be based primarily on how the outside world to judge the companys handling of the crisis. The media, the public and government are closely watching the first statement issued by the company. For companies in crisis management practices and positions, public opinion in favor or not often seen in the media will immediately reported.

   Therefore, companies must act decisively, quick response, decisive action, to communicate with the media and the public. To quickly control the situation, otherwise it will expand the scope of emergency and crisis, and may even lose control of the whole situation. After the crisis, the ability to control the situation first of all, it does not expand, do not upgrade, not spread, is the key to dealing with the crisis.

   3, system operating system

   When a dangerous escape, do not ignore another danger. The system must operate during crisis management, it should never be at a loss. The only way to see through the superficial nature, creative problem solving, harm into.

   system works

   crisis is primarily to do the following:

   (1) cold to hot, inaction: make people in crisis in impatience or fear. Therefore, water purification business executives should be "cold" to "hot" to "static" braking "action", calm, in order to alleviate the psychological pressure of the water purifier employees.

   (2) a unified point of view, hold our ground: rapid unification within the water purifier business point of view, there is a clear understanding of the crisis, in order to hold its ground, unite as one, against the common enemy.

   (3) the formation of the team, a special charge: Under normal circumstances, the composition of crisis public relations team by the water purifier business of public relations and a member of the water purifier companies directly involved in the composition of the senior leadership crisis. On the one hand is a guarantee of high efficiency, on the other hand is a external diameterEnsure consistent, the sincerity of the public enterprise crisis purifier feel can be trusted.

   (4) decisive decision-making, rapid implementation: Due to the rapidly changing crisis, crisis decision-making under time-critical conditions and lack of information, any fuzzy decision will have serious consequences. It is necessary to maximize the use of resources, centralized decision-making, make quick decisions, system deployment, put into practice.

   (5) vertical and horizontal, outside help: When the crisis hit, the government should fully and partially, industry associations, peers purifier companies and the news media fully cooperate, join forces to tackle the crisis, in Many hands make light high, while enhancing the credibility and influence.

   (6) step by step, solve the problem: to really completely defuse the crisis, the need to control the situation, timely and accurately find the crux of the crisis, the right medicine, seek cure "this." If you just stay in the temporary stage, it will come to naught, and even lead to a new crisis.

   In addition praised his own is useless, leaving behind not only recognized the authority of a laughing stock, after the crisis, water purifier companies do not own all day holding a tweeter Jiaoyuan, and to Quxianjiuguo Please heavyweight third party at the front desk to speak, the psychology of consumers to disarm their own, to regain their trust.

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