The face of globalization trends in water purifier brand how

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   At present, the development of the emerging trend of globalization, the development of domestic industry and competition so inseparable from the influence of foreign brands. For now, competitively domestic water purifier market is still the main stay competitive in price, promotion and other aspects of the real market with their own core competitiveness of the brand is not much. It can be said, domestic water purifier companies need to develop their own core competencies.


   core competitiveness of enterprises is a key element refers to the survival and development of enterprises, such as some of the technology, skills and management mechanisms. A continuous successful business will have its core competencies, the need to develop this ability, training, and constantly consolidate and update, because even the establishment of a core competitiveness, but also there are still possible collapse.

   Under the trend of globalization, the core competitiveness of the modern enterprise has been more and more brand and product competitiveness linked together, the relationship between the two is restricted to one another, interdependent, Chinese enterprises after WTO must clearly this is a little understanding.

   as an emerging green business, how to maintain the competitiveness of its own brand water purifier has become an important issue in business management. Brand competitiveness is the performance of commercial enterprise competitiveness in the market, it can be said that the competitiveness of enterprises materialized performance.

   to build the core competitiveness of the brand, it must first establish the water purification industrys competitiveness. The core competitiveness of enterprises to become something must be unique, according to industry experts point of view, that is, "not buy", "do not go stealing", "split open", "do not go", "slip away." That is to say, the water purifier should have the resources to have these core characteristics: there is no commercially available; to have legal protection; own resources and capabilities are complementary; has organized, does not belong to individuals; sustained competitiveness.

   In a way, the brand is representing the core competitiveness of enterprises, the enterprise is a unique kind of intangible assets. It has a special value-added brands affiliated with certain organizations, and corresponding patents and legal protection. Water purifier want in a leading position in the industry, will have to go to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

   Therefore, the development of enterprises to embark on international water purifier on the need to strengthen brand building, brand effect, build their own core competencies. Only in this way, water purifier brand to win a bigger market!

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