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  Want to start faucet water filter, must remember the simplicity of these tips to buy Published: at 15:23 on September 29, 2017 Hits: 49 In daily life, we will choose a good water purification equipment to help us purify water quality, convenient and compact as a new faucet water filter water purifier products, many consumers choice. So household faucet water filter how to buy it? a. See different structural configurations leading water purifier tap water purifier, purification effect is different. First, a simple structure purifier filter, a ceramic filter based on active carbon, filtration capacity which is limited only used as a coarse filter to remove sediment and other particulate matter, the filter is preferably heated to boil water to drink. Most of a water purifier filter water purification products are low. Second, multi-stage filter tap water purifier. Such water purifier has more than two stages, the activated carbon filter and the ceramic filter composite composition, can sediment out, algae colloid, and chlorine. Purification is better, but not drinkable. Finally, the ultrafiltration membrane faucet water purifier, multiple stages of pre-filter and ultrafiltration membrane composition, can be trapped most of the bacteria, harmful substances, is separated from the world, the filtering effect of the most ideal drinking water purification device, while retaining beneficial minerals trace elements, re-use KDF and activated carbon effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria in the water, fungi and the removal of color, smell, filtered water to ensure more safety and health. And high water production. This makes it fast when the family kitchen use, convenient, without waiting for a long time. It belongs to the popular consumer goods. II. To see the manufacturers service faucet water filter easy to install, easy maintenance, the water flow, water fast speed to meet the demand for large water purification kitchen water, wash water, etc., is home to water quality improvement solution or not an important member missing, but the faucet water filter cartridge generally replaced within three to six months depending on the condition of water, therefore, even more important after-sales service for customers to buy the leading water purifier. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of faucet water purifier is sure to choose a regular water purification business. III. Look faucet water purifier purchase price of tap water purifier must pay attention to, and there is a lot of leading water purifier due to the unreasonable design, there is often a leaking water seepage phenomenon, and installation is also more strenuous. Consumers also have reflected some leading water purifier filter accuracy is not high, also filtered out of the waterWe can not live up to the expectations, so a lot of people are not very interested in the relatively inexpensive faucet water purifier. IV. To see the water quality of the home area of 鈥嬧€媠ome consumers believe that a multi-stage filter will be more secure, and in fact not the case. People know that water purifier filter should be changed regularly, but in the end which replace the filter it? Such as to replace all the high cost. Therefore, the filter series is not possible, for the water quality should own family area, a reasonable choice. Now, water pollution mainly organic contamination and chemical contamination based, but high filtration accuracy can not filter the water purifier and the organic pollution and chemical pollution, can not remove the residual chlorine, bleach odor, these technical solutions rely on activated carbon adsorption.


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