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   Prime Minister Lee several times in the Davos forum that the current global economic sharing was a rapid development momentum, is driving new ways of economic growth, by sharing, collaborative approach to engage in entrepreneurial innovation, lower threshold, less costly, more speed fast.


- M: for consumers to create a new retail model

   In the wave of economic sharing, in order to meet the needs of rapid development of China Kang, a comprehensive layout of the market, promote the further popularization of water purifier, to allow more people to share the wealth feast water purification industry, September 24, "Hua Kang water purifiers share exchange economic model-cum-investment will be" held in Shenzhen headquarters, net from around the country water is joining partners to come together to explore the road to wealth excavation of a new era.

   The event, guests and friends full house, on-site atmosphere is very warm, and achieved remarkable results, on-site contract signing rate and the amount is a record high, off the ground successfully!

   At the meeting, Kang Hua Mr. Pang Hegeng first podium technical director, Pang always a warm welcome and thank you for coming, then he reviewed the achievements Hua Kang water purifier brand development path of 18 years and acquired, gave an analysis of the water purification industry environment and development trends, and expounded - M "things water purifier" development plan, received a warm response from the scene guests.


   - M is not complacent about past achievements and stand still, but continue to blaze new trails, a big step forward. Mr. Zhu Jianhua, general manager of Hua Kang Group at the meeting to share economics, doubling Principles, big data, mobile Internet thinking, was the theme of sharing, "Hua Kang water purifiers share in the economic model", in which careful analysis of large data Hua Kang and share successful cases, but also allow participants to share the future with China Kang hold water industry with great confidence.

   In order to allow more in-depth understanding of the honored guests of the new marketing model - M, - M market at the scene to explain to the "Hua Kang water purifier -CRM system of things," at the same time to "share the economic resources + no business", "sharing economy + traditional home appliances", "sharing economy in rural areas will sell +", "+ share of economic projects that benefit" and other landing mode detailed analysis and explanation.


   will break time, the focus - M headquarters Showroom become participants attention. Main products include Hua Kang: Household water purifier, commercial water purification, ultrafiltration water purifiers and other products. Among them, Hua Kang Things products aroused great interest, the "cloud + Things + phone" as the core technology, setting "artisan" spirit of things intelligent water purification products, not only will bring many partners a new water purification experience, it makes the real China, "Chi-made" water purifiers to serve thousands of families.



   Throughout our water purifier market is currently in a stage of rapid development, the future market space will be more than one hundred billion! Shocking cases of water pollution, the need for safe drinking water is ordinarily resident in the increasingly intense home improvement water purifier it is very necessary, but also a good opportunity for the Chinese Kang. The future, China is willing to work every Kang water purification industry have dedicated partners to jointly develop, write a new chapter water industry!

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