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   since the Qin promise of shared water purifier machine first sun partner Agent mode waves in the market, Qins latest promise to share the source of selenium-rich water venture by the industry attention again. March 15, Shenzhen Branch Council of the World Trade Association Korean people (World-OKTA) Presidency Qin promise to visit to discuss cooperation production base. April 1, Taiwan Pu Kang Industrial Co., Ltd. home visiting chairman Qin Yang Zhongxiang Nokia to field trips. April 18, Ms. Li Yawei, Shenzhen CPPCC Standing Committee went to Qin promise inspection guidance.


   As a well-known water purification company, Qin promise (Cinno) industry continued to upgrade technology and mode source of power. Qin Connaught water purifiers exclusive launch of the shared water dispenser model has been around since the advent of the agents unanimous praise, imitating many fellow travelers. Qin promise recently launched "shared source" model is an updated version of the shared water dispenser, which, Qin Li Buyang Snow, director of marketing, said: "The new model is no longer confined to a shared source of traditional water purifier sales model of the new model in nature. on sharing and trust consumption patterns. experiential users to consume drinking water, water purification machines to rid itself of the traditional "buy the machine after first use" of fiscal restraint consume time-consuming traditional home appliance model. in addition, Qin promise for a new partner to join the shared source provides a range of cooperation into strict channel boost, quality control and follow-up services allow participants to share the source of the new model is stabilized earnings. "


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   "original selenium-enriched water" is the highlight of the shared source partner program. At present, the government has "Se" balanced intake elements as hard targets human health. As early as 1980, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on the selenium content of the soil samples of my countrys 1094 counties were measured, the results show that two-thirds of our entrance selenium deficiency, selenium deficiency is one of more than 40 countries worldwide.


   medical professionals, has long proved that selenium deficiency is the cause of dozens of disease. Selenium deficiency may increase the chance of cancerous atrophic gastritis, improve cardiovascular illness index, the main focus is the high incidence of heart disease population. Selenium deficiency increases the risk of myocardial injury selenium deficiency is easy to thrombosis, trigger cataracts, liver disease, cancer, prostatitis, fertility decline. Recent medical research has shown that childrens physical and mental retardation also selenium deficiency, resulting in dementiaClose.


   So, how to create a genuine promise Qin water rich in selenium?

   1, Qin promise to share the source of drinking selenium-rich nature of the porters

   Qin promise world-class longevity - in Bama village cooperate to share programs to Chinese tradition TCM idea for the foundation, on the basis of the original eco-village dialysis Alabama selenium-rich water on the development of eco-selenium-enriched water machine, completely overcome the lack of selenium in drinking water industry problems, the desire to bring the gospel to the health of consumers.


   Qin promise in terms of product quality has been used to control the highest standards of production, we must go through a series of stringent quality tests before leaving the factory, including constant pressure water supply testing, smoke corrosion test, burning test, test burst pressure, constant pressure water spiked test, test UV spectrophotometry, laser particle testing, antibacterial testing, water testing products, the test machine and dozens of detection, to ensure water purification equipment Qin Novo " zero defect "quality.


   Qin Connaught Eco selenium-enriched water machine multistage filtration system built melt-blown polypropylene filter, pre-carbon filter, membrane filter, stone filter, scale filter, activation and mineralization filters and other filter. Rich in selenium filter used in all advanced technology to produce the original English, high filtration accuracy, durability, Qin junction 8 Connaught Lab tested and 13 national patents certificate.


   2, Qin promise strength of enterprises, is one of the largest water purifier brands.

   Qin promise is the first research and development production water purification machines of large enterprises (Qianhai listed equity trading center Code 662 532); Qin promise occupied an area of 鈥嬧€?0,000 square meters in southern Chinas water purification Industrial Park, the main project involves each class household water purifiers, air purifiers, water purifiers commercial machine, water purifier, civil, industrial water treatment system (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis), pure water equipment and the like; Qin Connaught purifier imported British purification water purification equipment and technology of its own intellectual property rights, according to the Chinese north-south differences in water quality, create excellent performance "reverse osmosis membrane + + + intelligent things" four-in-purification mode; Qin promise is the first proxy franchisee provide analysis provides store location, store renovation plan, net store marketing training, resident manager support, advertising design servicesWater heater brands, currently Deputy franchisees throughout the country.


   3, Qin promise of shared water dispenser has a mature marketing channels and exclusive resources

   Qin Connaught industrys first "shared base station" for the agency to carry out the franchisee to facilitate the business community. Use of already mature Qin promise of shared resources, the agent franchisee can quickly build base stations, and stable profitability.


   Qin promise for the Agent to provide strong brand support, resources using established league system as the core, to build a nationwide dealer directly from the site to profitability train escort service. Program partners Free brands enjoy a full range of integrated advertising, below the line activities, public relations strategy, community service and other brands. Agent Qin Connaught purifier advantages include but are not limited to:

   1, the entire store output: full-service, one-stop shop business model, simply dispensers do.

   2, Brand resources: the power of free access to huge brand resources, the real brand enjoys popular support.

   3, regional protection: strict regional protection policies, regulate the number of areas to shop.

   4, R & D: Headquarters has a wealth of experience in product development, do not keep up with market demand for the products to worry about.

   5, provides site: adapt to a wide, easy location, location guide.

   6, unified price: a unified price available, there is no middle post.

   7, post services: comprehensive after-sales service and thoughtful.

   In addition, the agent franchisee also has the right:

   1, brand support: uniform store and brand image, strengthen brand identity.

   2, brand licensing support: no franchise, the brand does not permit abuse, protection of rights and interests of franchisees and the company.

   3, training support: Qin Connaught water purifiers headquarters of regular training, such as shop business skills, marketing skills, financial management.

   4, advertising support: step up publicity efforts to improve "Qin Connaught water purifiers," the awareness and reputation, brand share.

   5, market information support: keep a close eye market dynamics, timely and the franchisee to discuss adverse dynamic response.

   6, return support: Replace the headquarters of the cargo system, given a reasonable full support.

   7, the tracking service support: Qin Connaught water purifiers headquarters will send a professional team based on the actual situation of the franchisee, occasional visits to guide, to solve the problems encountered in the franchisees shop.

   As early as 2015, Qin promise that is invested 15.2 million yuan to proceed "Se ecological water machine" of scientific research, has been to create a "selenium-rich fresh water ecology", "Se shared source", " spring water rich in selenium original ecology "and other popular users favorite selenium-enriched water machine products. At present, Qin promise to share the source of the mall platform ( "Shared Source" public number) subject to the agent being joined to provide a range of business schools (new model) training courses.




   market opportunities always favor and keep dreaming warriors. When the water purifier is no longer considered a simple clean drinking water products, and improve human health indicators become an engineer, when franchises water purifier is no longer considered a gross profit model, and makes people become healthy well-being Jide good karma, a dream of all the water purification industry would have to be concentric tiger, not Immediately after the war.


   as a shared source of new model creator of the real promise Qin selenium-rich water into homes, agents are invited to join the world, in order to promise the cloud Qin community plan to double the wealth as an opportunity point, undergo an intensive training maker culture, rich in selenium blue ocean market share the wealth feast.

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