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   That is because the water purifier filter out impurities in the water separator, clean water discharged, and these impurities blocking filter, and after flushing thoroughly rinse not, over time, the impurities will plug piled net water heater. In fact, it will be blocked water filter water purifier is good, that is a good filter, to prove that it played a role.

   Therefore, there is no need to change the filter water purifier answer is:? No. However, we do not believe your filter, do not buy a water purifier, we buy water purifier for drinking and cooking soup can be a good use of water, so I spent some money in the filter is worth it, is necessary.

   cheap filter harm

   market a lot of very cheap price of water purifiers actually filter out the "track", shoddy, shoddy! Take granular activated carbon and PP cotton for example, we all know there are a lot of different carbon particles of raw materials, imported coconut shell carbon is good, but many businesses will be mixed with coal carbon, or general Nutshell miscellaneous materials, large pieces of mesh, adsorption ability, g a small number of low iodine value, can not play the national purification standards, or even the release of harmful substances. And PP cotton as a first filter, when the process is also divided into a progressive and gradual flat wound around, the number of grams divided 100g / 120g / 130g, etc., this will cause the first stage filter, the difference can not be effectively isolated from contaminants PP cotton let pollutants directly into the back of the cartridge, causing the back of the cartridge soon soiled! use low-quality filter water purifier, not only can not protect the user security, but give yourself added with a water filter, after filtering water formed a "secondary pollution", long-term drinking, seriously affecting the health of their families.

   The principle of the filter


(reverse osmosis water purification works)

   PP cotton

   also called PP PP melt-blown filter cartridge, meltblown filter element is made of polypropylene ultra-fine fibers entangled melt, the fibers are randomly formed spaces in the three-dimensional microporous structure, the filtrate flows along dimension hole size gradient distribution, collection surface, deep, fine fine filter in one, entrapping impurities of different size. Filter precision range 1 to 5 m, which is equal to the flux is 1.5 times or more the accuracy of the filter can filter the water sediment, suspended solids, colloids, and other debris. Filtration area and large quantity of pollutants, filter effects, and long service life.

   Granular activated carbon

   imported coconut shell activated carbon activated carbon particles, having developed in the pore structure, good adsorption properties, high mechanical strength, easy to repeated regeneration; for toxic gas purification, gas processing, industrial and domestic water purification, solvent recovery and so on.

   Crystalline diamond sintered carbon

   Crystalline diamond film material and the activated carbon filter using a polymer of high quality coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material, through the unique high temperature baking process technology, so that the micro-filter is formed filter holes, greatly extending the contact time of the water with the activated carbon, the iodine number + 1100, efficiency removal color, odor, chlorine and other harmful substances, more than 3 times higher than the average carbon rod.

   RO reverse osmosis membrane

   RO reverse osmosis membrane, the RO Reverse Osmosis membrane is the abbreviation of Chinese meaning: reverse osmosis (RO), the general flow pattern is composed of a low concentration of water flow of high concentration, once the water pressure, by a high concentration to the low concentration, i.e., a so-called reverse osmosis principle: Since the aperture of the RO membrane is a hair five millionths (0.0001 microns), generally can not see them, bacteria, viruses, it is 5000 times, so that only part of the water molecules and ions minerals beneficial to human body through, heavy metals and other impurities by discharging waste pipes, all desalination processes, wastewater recycling and astronauts are using this method Therefore RO membrane in vitro, also known as high-tech artificial kidney.

   silver activated carbon

   silver core-shell coconut activated carbon of high quality raw materials, using a special silver refining process which purified water purification effect than ordinary carbon. Silver-loaded activated carbon functions in accordance with the jog antibacterial effect of silver ions, and sterilization, but also improve the taste of drinking water, the water is more sweet and delicious.


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