You can use tap water UV disinfection

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   water use UV disinfection it? Yes, according to Xiao Bian understood that some developed countries tap water is to use ultraviolet disinfection, but the cost is too expensive for our country, it can not reach that level, unless those professional drinking water, following on to introduce under.




There are some people ask Xiao Bian, water use UV disinfection it? On the current water for our life, it is far less than the degree of UV disinfection of UV disinfection can be achieved 99.99% broad-spectrum bactericidal, germicidal efficiency, our country is currently widely used chlorine disinfection, so how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, water purifier better point.


UV disinfection principle UV disinfection treatment can effectively and rapidly sterilize water, no heating and use of chemicals containing harmful ingredients, odor-free treated water.


microbial protein RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) can absorb ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light (wavelength of 254nm) for microbial DNA bases can polymerize the microorganisms can not prevent the propagation of protein synthesis ultimately leading to cell death. UV disinfection is to rely on pure physical action, with chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone different chemical disinfectants, during sterilization, ultraviolet rays do not produce any by-products.


UV advantage


(1) a higher for UV disinfection sterilization efficiency


(2) UV on bacteria, viruses sterilization generally 1-5 seconds or less. Other chemical means (chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone, etc.) to achieve the same disinfection sterilizing effect is generally 30 minutes (min), and even longer contact time, in order to play disinfection.


high performance UV germicidal disinfection is quite extensive, its most pathogenic microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc. can play effective role in the killing.


(3) no secondary pollution due to the presence of ultraviolet rays does not use any chemicals, it does not produce secondary pollution of the water and the surrounding environment.


(4) low operating cost, simple maintenance, ease of operation, low cost.


(5) a small footprint device.


above toUltraviolet disinfection effectiveness and the principle of small series with you about, hope to help you. More knowledge about the small household drinking water, please continue to focus on this site.




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