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  [Tim] household net analysis of similarities and differences between pure water and distilled water Author: Tim net water purification Views: 313 Published: 2018-8-18 11:57:35 distilled water is heating the water by distillation boiling water prepared. It can be divided into primary and multiple distillations, for the characteristics of distilled water, widely used in medical, scientific research, production and life. Distilled water and purified water also belong to the category. Since the distilled water is obtained through the evaporation of boiling, it can be said to be a hypoxia "dead", a certain amount of chlorine, gas, etc., the manufacturing cost is generally distilled water is relatively high, the price is expensive. And pure water mainly in rivers, water is water, the use of household water purifiers, water treatment step electrodialysis, ion exchange, etc., to our lives health standards for drinking water, pure water itself is "living water", which and distilled water is essential difference, purified water containing mineral ions and many oxygen, these elements of human tissues and cell activation, enhance immunity, stones, hyperglycemia, hypertension, and others have adjuvant therapy. At present, the family is more popular bottled water, barreled pure water is also belong to the category of pure water, but bottled water in the water treatment process, the water quality in excessive loss of minerals, now there is no net rise of new home water filter water quality nutrition, Tim reminded net household water purifiers have today is to protect our families healthy drinking water.

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