The first cup of water to drink healthy drinkg water, how to

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Premier Li Keqiang visits to Ministry of Water Resources and chaired a forum to talk about safe drinking water. Even the Prime Minister are so much emphasis on the safety of drinking water, we have to pay attention to water safety. Every morning cup of water to be the best, but how do you know it is safe to drink? Perhaps you have been accustomed to the morning after drinking a glass of water, but if you look through this glass of water in the end how to drink?


to get up early to drink?


Fresh water is the best choice. Water is the layers of purification comes after boiling, the water of microorganisms have been killed in the heat, and water in the calcium and magnesium on health helpful. Studies have shown that hard water calcium, magnesium and other elements of the role of the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Calcium, magnesium and other minerals contained in drinking water is helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease, more suitable for the elderly.


there are a lot of people think that drinking salt water is conducive to good health, so early morning to drink salt water, this understanding is wrong. Studies suggest that people not drink water dripping all night sleep, but breathing, perspiration, urinary still in progress, these physical activities to consume a lot of water loss. Drink salt water then it will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is more dry mouth. Drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher.


up in the morning first cup of water is best not to drink fruit juice, cola, soft drinks, coffee, milk and other beverages. Carbonated soft drinks like cola and mostly contain citric acid, in metabolism will speed up the excretion of calcium, blood calcium levels decrease, calcium deficiency can cause long-term drinking. And some drinks have a diuretic effect, early morning drinking not only the body can not effectively supplement the lack of water, the body will increase the demand for water, but the body caused water shortages.


what temperature?


up in the morning we all like a drink of water, if the turbid water of yang organs will produce a negative stimulus, a long time adverse health. After getting up early it is recommended to drink warm water. Compared with the cool white open, warm water close to body temperature, easily absorbed by the body. Fasting should not drink in the morning to drink a cup enough to achieve health benefits, otherwise it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, impede digestion of food.


Some people like the morning after drinking ice box of ice water, I feel like this most refreshing. In fact, at this time have been gastrointestinal emptying, too cold or too hot water can irritate the stomach, causing stomach upset. Morning drink, drink with the same optimal temperature water, cold weather can drink warm water to minimize theLess gastrointestinal irritation. In the night before must be stamped when dry water, because the water exposed to air for too long will lose activity.


drink is appropriate?


For most people, drinking 150-200 ml morning is a more appropriate amount of water. It should be reminded that, in patients with hypertension and renal dysfunction should pay special attention to water intake. Hypertensive patients own blood volume is high, and the morning rush hour is a day of blood pressure, at this time if excessive drinking, but will increase the blood volume, blood pressure becomes higher. The kidney patients excessive drinking will increase the pressure glomeruli. A healthy person should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day (about 2.5 liters), large amount of exercise or hot weather, the water intake should increase. Get up early in the morning when the key moment of the day is a new body to add moisture.


when drinking?


The best early in the morning to drink water after brushing, before breakfast. Drink plenty of water before brushing your teeth, easily washed into the body with bacteria in the mouth, it is not conducive to health. The lack of water after a meal to promote blood circulation, erosion and other gastrointestinal effects. In addition, the best small mouth small mouth to drink water, drink too much detrimental to the body, can cause reduced blood pressure and cerebral edema, leading to headaches, vomiting.


"One day the morn," the first morning cup of water is especially important. After reading the above, if you have a feeling came to understand, especially "when drinking" is not your usual practice different? If so, and quickly corrected under the bar.



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