Water softener installed resvation conditis

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   water softener installation set aside what conditions? What. I believe many people want to know.




water softener installation conditions with stress, water softener installation method also learned that if they want their friends to install water softeners can look at the person in small series.


First, the mounting condition


1, the water softener is generally attached to the home meter total cold water, water softeners can supply to all points, according to user requirements can also be attached to the water softener a certain way, only part of the water supply point soft water (eg: boilers, bathroom, washing machines, etc.).


2, near the mounting position of the water softener to be provided with a 220V / 50Hz power outlet, and two holes outfall (to drain).


3, without a separate water softener base, generally to concrete floor, but the ground should be flat.


4, water pressure is 0.2Mpa-0.5Mpa., Inlet temperature of 4-38 degrees, 4-60 degrees working environment temperature. (When the water pressure is less than 0.2Mpa, as appropriate, according to the actual installation of the booster device)


5, with a water softener mounted enclosure (e.g., box, cabinet, etc.), its dimensions shall be considered. How


Second, the installation method


The water softener installed - first step: the selection position


select the mounting position and good soft water softener installed piping layout selection carrying capacity strong horizontal mounting surface mounting, mounting position and the bathroom, the best position in the cabinet is the cabinet basin kitchen equipment.


How to install water softeners - Step: measuring pressure


Measurement of water pressure (optimum range: 0.15-0.6Mpa), below or above standard pressure booster pump is required to install or pressure relief valve to ensure the normal operation of equipment.


How to Install softener - third step: the overflow pipe, drain pipe


Open softener cover off control valve connected to the data lines and the display panel, remove the upper lid, for the overflow pipe, the drainage installation, laryngeal cuff into the black hose, the hose are inserted into the two sewage water softener, the overflow pipe interface with slotted screwsTighten the knife. The overflow, sewage and rationalize the tying clips fixed to the wall with the support tube.


How to Install softener - fourth step: mounting line


for pipeline installation, first, the two seal loaded into the interface of the bellows; bellows are screwed in the water pipe roadside system through the inlet and outlet, the bellows to adjust the other two port bypass valve with a water softener connected to the inlet and outlet height. Charged gasket, the corresponding bypass valve connected to the water softener and connected to the inlet and outlet bypass valve tightened.


How to Install softener - fifth step: Move place


The water softener moved to an appropriate position, the fixation device. Water softener mounted cover, a display panel connected to the data line and the control valve, and a fixed cover, and finally connect the power. When


Third, water softener installed Note


1, when the raw water does not meet the standard municipal water, such as large sand content, excessive chlorine, etc. to be installed in the pretreatment before the water softener device. (Eg: Y type filter, precision, etc.)


2, water softener operation, note the user to check the amount of salt in the brine tank, the amount of each salt brine tank reaches the height of two-thirds can, when the surface height is less than one third of the salt please salt.


3, brine tank sometimes form a salt bridge (i.e., a hollow space is formed at a lower salt), regeneration salt to dissolve salt solution is formed in water, the resin will not fail regeneration, water softener the system can not be qualified soft water. The user should always check whether the salt tank bottom junction.


4, after the installation is complete, first valve head is adjusted to the backwash position, and then open the inlet valve (to protect the liquid resin into the sewer), and then immediately start the reproduction program, the reproduction observe the program is functioning.


5, water softener regeneration agents should be dedicated, insoluble impurities less than 1%, prohibit the use of salts containing various additives.


6, the water softener to avoid near heat insulation or to take the necessary measures, and then in hot water pipeline is prohibited or may produce hot water back flow pipeline.


7, should have sufficient space between the sewer and drainage water softener drain to prevent siphoning phenomenon.


drinkWater Safety Tips: To install a home water softener must do


water treatment is installed according to specific community and urban water pipe may be. Normal factory water from the water plant are in line with standards. Mainly to see whether the city aging pipes, whether during transportation can cause secondary pollution, she then see whether the cell is a secondary pressurized water supply, whether there are storage tanks, storage tanks have secondary pressurized water general cleaning and disinfection is not timely, will cause secondary pollution of water.


water softener is installed mainly to see if the economic situation of families can afford to buy water softener, that if you do not buy a can buy it, it is entirely possible.


Through the above description, you must be knowledge of the water softener understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the quality and safety Please note that the removal of harmful substances in the work, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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