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   "God can not personally give and love to the world, it sent a nurse." May 12, 2019 is the 108th International Nurses Day.

   In order to inherit and carry forward the Nightingale life-saving, courage and dedication of humanitarian spirit, Xian Yi mouth With medical care, health concerns, the original intention contained in the Daming Palace building materials home town this past May 12 light Road held a large-scale health care section donation activities.

   During the event, the whole of society health care workers, unconditionally donated more than 130 million water purification equipment and elegant gift, caused net worlds most beautiful angels, at the same time appealed to consumers to pay attention to healthy drinking water.



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   grateful heart, causing net angels

   donation day of the event from a public health care workers portrait interpretation of "grateful heart" kicked off , several well-known local online media will all be present, on behalf of Xian Yi mouth, EcoWater China as well as representatives of the medical community, chambers of commerce and other EcoWater loyal customers to witness this unique sense of charity.



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   International Nurses Day theme this year is "nurse, leading Voice - - health for all ", the role of the nurse as the core of patient care, the important role of health care workers in the system, with numerous actions to show the world.

   "angels" this name, an expression of our high esteem for the medical staff, they not only time red in the first line of saving lives, but also demonstrates the peoples yearning for a healthy and happy life.

   According to the World Health Organization survey shows that 50 percent of human diseases are related to poor drinking water quality, and water is closely related to our lives, more vulnerable to water pollution violations inadvertently, heavy metals in tap water, volatile organics are hazardous to their health "invisible killer", seemingly pure water is unwittingly affect the health of citizens.

   Therefore, high-quality water to live, not only make our body more comfortable and healthy, but also for lifeA better experience and quality.

   EcoWater on the occasion of International Nurses Day donated 200 EMF108-H functional safe drinking water dispensers complex, unique new composite filter, used by the US Patent MetSorb lead removal technology, combined with imported compression activated carbon film is folded and MR FACT technology, effective removal of bacteria, heavy metals such as lead of water while removing the chloroform and other volatile organic compounds, and chlorine product odor, improved taste, of drinking water greatly enhance the health of the user.



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   cast service reputation, "drink" lead healthy new trend

   the Nurses Day donation to the last, the honored guests posed for pictures to send circle of friends together to help care for public welfare, called for more people to improve the health concept of drinking water, but also so that more people feel from EcoWater of this care.

   At the same time, the scene of the users friends have also donated machines to handle formalities South Daming Palace flagship store, from May 13, 2019 beginning user machine holding gift card to the nearest flagship store can handle Xian installation procedures.



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   (Source: EcoWater water purifier public number, delete invasion )

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