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Ministry of Health, published on the website of the 11 models of foreign imports of substandard water purifier, problems include excessive arsenic The total number of colonies exceeded and organic removal substandard, so that the water purification industry facing a "crisis of confidence." This caused foreign water purifier is right for Chinese water quality problems also caused extensive discussions users.


Why, then, foreign water purifier is not suitable for Chinese consumers? The fundamental reason is that the water quality, water quality is destined to different water purifier filter or part of the same principle impossible, such as some developed countries the water itself is basically reached the standard drink straight, so they simply filter water purifiers and improve the taste of it. The water in many parts of our country can not drink, contaminants inside, heavy metals, sediment, microorganisms, excess ions these things will be filtered with a water purifier, the raw water quality foreign and domestic processing is different, We need to process different. To analyze the two major areas:


a different water pollution


China is in a period of rapid economic growth, excessive pollution of the environment with economic interests in exchange for Jiangchuan river serious pollution, the large number of dead fish have been difficult to see clean rivers, people drinking tap water is coming from these places, so the water you Ganhe it? developed countries strictly control of the environment, improve the water plant facilities, out of the water plant has reached drink straight water requirements, so as the price of American water and milk prices.


Second, the internal configuration of the water purifier different


developed excellent water quality, simply to make the process more pure taste of it, so that only a single foreign water purifier activated carbon filter . Chinas waterworks simple process backward, not only treated water contains a lot of sediment, disinfectant by-products, transportation old pipe rust, as well as bacteria and viruses, heavy metals and organic matter, so a single activated carbon filter can not meet the requirements, currently more advanced water purification technology is membrane + activated carbon dual-core technology, can effectively remove harmful substances in water, retain beneficial mineral elements.


Chinas water industry Association Secretary-General GuLong pass, said there is a phenomenon of imported water purifier "acclimatization", foreign water purifier may not be suitable for Chinas water quality. Because foreign water quality generally better than domestic, and foreign water purifier mainly for foreign water quality, to get a small China, itself activated carbon capacity, adsorption is also less. For example, before the Japanese water purifier, in China a month, was substance impurities and heavy metals to "blocked."


Thus, when choosing a water purifier, consumers should not superstition brand, and to identify itself.

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