The role of water purifier

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   the role of water purifier can not be ignored, it is the role of any thing can not be replaced, its role, where is it, let Xiaobian to introduce the next.


In any case water treatment, water containing a number of more or less harmful to the human bodys impurities, these impurities how to deal with, we need to buy a water purifier, water purifier role is to purify water contains some impurities, how drinking water is considered safe? Is not to buy a home water purifier is better to do so?


disadvantages of tap water filtration process


Water process typically comprises three steps; coagulation, the raw water is added aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate or ferric chloride, so that the suspension


floats, colloids and other substances precipitated crystals to generate easily. Then into the sedimentation tank, a certain time after the precipitation, flows through the quartz


composed of replica filter sand (or siphon filtration) and finally was subjected to chlorine disinfection.


First, the primary filter water treatment process are hundreds or even thousands of tons of tons of water, because the series is too large, it is difficult to ensure the filtering effect.


Second, from a process point of view, water filtration is actually relatively simple filtering, tap water standards set by the country we have 2


kinds, one published in 1985 35, another is the 101 provisions of the 2005 regular 42 species, these standards both in quantity or degree is not from the strict and international standards.


Third, the addition of chlorine solution, although antibacterial sterilization, in fact, has become a major hidden, chloroform chlorine produced is recognized as a strong carcinogen, 2010, the latest data show that Chinas cancer patients 200 times higher than in 1980, which is chlorinated tap water can not break off relations.


Fourth, even if clean tap water through after a few kilometers of the pipeline is also beyond recognition, which is known as the secondary water pollution. Including galvanized pipe pollution, water pipes, leading to rust, high-rise water tank waste pollution, these risks have become tap water.


Since many impurities left behind after water filtration, so we need to be responsible for their own health, buy a water purifier, to deal with some impurities.


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