Water tax levy its significance and the problems faced what-

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   July 1, my countrys resource tax reform fully open. The scope of the existing resource tax is narrow, it is difficult to assume fully promote resource-saving and protective effect. "Resource tax reform will further improve the efficiency of resource use, boost economic development mode." A related official said.


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water tax levy its significance and the problems faced what? (Photo from Internet)

   1, meaning water tax levy of

   Industry experts believe that the main significance of the introduction of water tax can be adjusted peoples consumption of water resources through the price mechanism, the rationalization of water consumption, which is conducive to water conservation, protection and management. The water tax levy will not increase the burden on enterprises domestic water and water for normal general population, but mainly for high-water industry will be the taxpayer, the taxpayer access to water and access to high groundwater taxpayers three groups in areas of high overdraft taxation body defines more reasonable.

   2. What are the main problems faced?

   The current tax levy condition of water resources has been basically mature, the problems encountered will be smaller. Now the main tax, tax base, tax basis, tax rates have made it clear, the introduction of water related measures have also been more perfect. In addition, the introduction of water tax has aroused discussion in the country after 2009, and people on the water awareness resource crisis continues to improve, the introduction of water tax susceptible to the community to accept. Next, mainly to see the implementation of the water tax in pilot cities, but it is worth noting that the chemical, coal and other traditional businesses large water, there will be increase in operating costs.

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