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   With the increasingly serious water pollution problems, as well as the improvement of peoples living standards, water purifier popularity has become an irresistible trend. But the reality of a 5% penetration rate far below the 70 percent of mature market requirements, water purifier market is growing rapidly; competition is heating up.


   the golden age of nowadays positive water purifiers to join, many investors have added to the industry in the past, however, due to factors such as the spending power of the region, not All franchisee can be plain sailing. So how do water purifier to join the market?

   1, familiar with the market, determine strategies

   vast pieces of land, different regions are quite different, so the water purifier for the franchisee to local water quality, consumption levels, peoples health awareness, etc. to investigate. Not blindly introduce the product, leading to functional requirements, price positioning does not meet the actual needs of local, and finally ended in failure.

   2, channel development

   sales channel is the most franchisees weakest link, sit back and wait marketing is outdated. Korean music based on their years of marketing experience summed up several new sales channels, including: large household appliances stationed in shopping malls, supermarkets engage in cooperative promotional displays, cell cooperative stall promotions, find the relevant appliances and home improvement building materials sales channels, looking for distributors, etc., of course, the need to open up these channels is a skill, like Korean music such big brands will build stores after the agency will assign a professional marketing manager, on-site assistance and development, skills training.


   3, branding

   China has nearly 5000 water purifier brand, if there is no strong promotional tool, it is very difficult to break out the brand of. Additionally, consumer understanding of water purifier is still relatively small, so the water purifier should promote community activities through the integration of drinking water safety knowledge and promotional activities to explain, field trials, free tasting, interactive precise forms of communication, the other in formal aspects of advertising color pages, graphics, video and other design also needs to carry drinking water science content knowledge, are soft marketing.

   4, the marketing team

   marketing team and a professional team building partner channels such fragmented "salesman" can be divided according to the strength of the agents. Professional team Needless to say, the scattered type of super includedPurchasing Guide, bottled water hydrotechnic, metal building owner, residential property and all of the resources that can help you sell, build the team the most important is familiar with the product, works on water knowledge, water purifier product advantages and can play a basic understanding of the effect, so to highlight the brand awareness can improve the conversion rate of the intention of customers to achieve the ultimate purpose of sale. On the other hand is the question of the distribution of benefits, rewards and penalties and interest allocation rules can be faster these channels continued input into profits.


   How do water purifier to join the market? Manufacturers and franchisees must work together before, join powerful alliances in order to win-win.

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