Overnight early pregnancy drinking water hazards

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   We all know that early pregnancy the fetus is the most unstable period, must pay attention to their diet, not to drink water overnight, following small series to introduce you about early pregnancy endanger drinking water it overnight.




will we drink water every day is important, but many people drink daily life is very casual, sometimes casually picked up overnight water to drink, it is not right, we know why the water overnight, why not drink it? Mainly because of water overnight prolonged contact with air will produce large amounts of bacteria, poor health of people, especially pregnant women should not drink more water overnight, lets take a look at the early stages of pregnancy to drink water overnight harm it.


high nitrate content of water overnight Maria, so from a health point of view, the best drink of fresh water, pregnant women, it is best not to drink boiled water and boil again overnight. But you can put hot water into the mug, cover and heat to form water also positive, beneficial to health. In addition to not drink water overnight, following Xiaobian finishing several pregnant women also can not drink the water.


1, aging water: commonly known as "dead", i.e. prolonged storage immobile water. Often drinking this water, for minors, make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting their growth and development; it will accelerate the aging of the elderly; many parts of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer incidence increasingly higher, according to medical scientists study It may be related to long-term aging drinking water. The data indicate that the aging of toxic substances in the water along with the increasing water storage time increases.


2, thousands of boiling water: thousands of boiling water on the stove is boiling water for a long time or night, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water.


The water boiled for a long time due to, water, non-volatile substances, heavy metals such as high calcium and magnesium content and nitrite. For a long time to drink this water, it would interfere with peoples gastrointestinal function, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite will result in hypoxia, severe convulsions, coma and even death.


3, steamer Water: Water is steamed buns and other steamer pot of water left, especially after repeatedly used steamer water, nitrite concentration is high. Often drink this water, or boiled rice with this water will cause nitrite poisoning; scale often enter the body with water, can also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging.


4, not open water: people to drink tap water,It is treated with chlorination sterilization. Chlorine-treated water 13 kinds of harmful substances can be isolated, wherein the halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform also has carcinogenic, teratogenic effects. When the water temperature reaches 90 鈩? halogenated hydrocarbons from the original content of 53 micrograms to 177 micrograms per kilogram to rise, exceeding the national drinking water standard 2-fold. Experts point out that not drink boiled water, suffering from bladder cancer, colorectal cancer is the possibility of an increase of 21% -38%. When the temperature reached 100 deg.] C, both harmful substances with greatly reduced vapor evaporation, such as boiling is continued for 3 minutes, then safe to drink.


5, to re-boil the water: it was customary in the remaining warm water thermos re-boil and then drink the purpose of water saving, when economizer (gas), sect. However, this "savings" undesirable. Because the water burned and burned, to evaporate water again, nitrite will rise, often drink this water, nitrite will accumulate in the body, causing poisoning.


I believe that through the above introduction of small series we already know more than a few pregnant women can not drink water, not just pregnant women, adults, children also can not drink, for your familys health, small series to remind you all right Some families pay more attention to little knowledge of it when drinking.




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