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   water purifier lie five

   a lie: drinking water health treatment also

   a number of water purification products to promote their products not only keep the brain Liver, freckle beauty and other health effects, but also the treatment of eczema, diabetes and many other diseases. So, the concept of alkaline water to health as a selling point of the product, claiming that drinking alkaline water PH value has changed the human body is no scientific basis for it? Yan Ling said: "First of all, the human body acid-base balance is stable, external acid or base is difficult to change human PH value Second, pathogenic E. coli and salmonella and other harmful bacteria are like a weak alkaline environment, if the internal stomach. made basic but harmful to the body. "Therefore, those concerning drinking water can promote healing, are deceptive tricks.

   Lie II: electrolytic water proved toxic water

   Some manufacturers claim that the water purifier, the water electrolyzer can prove toxic. After electrolysis tens of seconds, rust-colored water will show whether this can prove to be toxic tap water it? Dr. Yan said: "water calcium and magnesium ions in the case of the electrolyte, electrolytic iron rod into the meter after an anode tap, electrolytic iron is ferric hydroxide formed after (gray), a divalent iron ion (green), ferric oxide (red-brown), tri-iron tetroxide (black), while the pure water calcium and magnesium ions because no conductive, the electrolytic reaction does not occur, so that pure water does not change color. "this experiment demonstrated only water impurity, the hardness of the water partial high, can not be said to be out of the electrolytic iron ions are harmful substances.

   Lie three: foreign brands more reliable

   water purifier industry is a very high threshold for the technology industry, not professional manufacturers really want to join in fact very difficult. Dr Yan said: "A lot of foreign brands did not produced water purification machines, are looking for some domestic OEM manufacturing factories, can not guarantee the quality of many foreign brands of water purifier is not suitable for Chinas national conditions, to the water. heavy metals and other pollution can not handle more, many of the seemingly well-known foreign brands, domestic enterprises are actually registered abroad

   lie four: drinking water have rickets

   [123 ] for low-cost considerations or commercial propaganda, some manufacturers hype the concept of mineral water, claiming that drinking water will get rickets. Dr Yan believes that the water in the human body the main role is to promote human metabolism, rather than provide nutrition to the body, mineral intake mainly by diet. "because we want without purification mineralization is unknownWise. "She said, commercially bottled water using RO reverse osmosis technology to produce, almost everyone drink bottles filled with water, had never heard of because drinking water caused by rickets cases

   lie five: energy the automatic analyzer quality filter material components

   overwhelming filtering techniques promote also confusing Dr. Yan explained:. "regardless of the filter membrane are filtered out aperture is larger than the object itself, absent automatic analysis filter material composition and quality of so-called only filter harmful substances while retaining the beneficial agent technology does not exist. "For example, a nanofiltration membrane pore size of 0.001 micron, it is impossible to filter smaller diameter heavy metal ions, e.g., divalent lead ions diameter of 0.000155 m, divalent mercury ion 0.000204 microns in diameter but only a pore size of 0.0001 microns RO reverse osmosis membrane pore diameter smaller proportion of metal ions, heavy metal ions all of which can be filtered.

   four principle optional purifier

   water is the source of life, life is required, water for human the importance of self-evident. the experts also pointed out that every day drink at least 1.5 liters of water, this is healthy. but now residents drinking water safety and health is increasingly threatened, people have always believed that bottled water is now There are many safety, health risks, many companies of bottled water is not suitable for safety standards to be disposed of shelves relevant departments, and good drinking bottled water is no problem, but not the economy, not realistic, people can not wash, cook , tea, etc., with bottled water, the water is great, this is a big expense, and a bottle of bottled water was 550ml, was also the largest 1.5L, however inkmode "href =" http: // www.js.hc360.com/ "target =" _ blank "> it is not only large reserves of water purifiers, water quality, health, and energy and the economy, we can see the home water purifier market is great, the prospects are very broad . The residents buy one hundred Kang household water purifiers, that can help you out, but also can protect the health of you and your family.

   face an array of the water purifier market water purification products, then people how to choose it?

   First, keep in mind that only water purifier interception, rather than chemical means to purify

   In the current water purifier market, a lot netWater is the vendor introduced a variety of concept, to fool consumers, even if the consumer is very knowledgeable people. Water purifiers early start, many of the principles of clean water Many people do not understand, even if it is only understand fur, sellers face a variety of data, principles, promises and promises, it will not help the sales person is guided. Therefore, when the purchase of household water purifiers, water purifiers got to remember only interception function by an aperture to remove impurities millionth microns, the rest is what health care, cure-all features, which are ridiculous talk.

   Second, if there is health permits this document

   Recently media exposure of more than 3,000 manufacturers nationwide, less than half of the manufacturers to obtain health permits, the rest are "" Black Factory ", water purification device manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with "drinking water standards" countries view the product has no health permit this document, and this document is written on the product name, model to be consistent, because even if there is evidence companies, about 75% of the presence of "a multi-purpose card", that have multiple product model with a health permit this document, please be sure to see clearly.

   Third, choose the right cartridge crucial

   the first generation purifier primarily activated by simple filtration, ceramics, etc., can easily be contaminated, polluted water, fail to effect clean water; second generation purifier using various artificial seed polymer membrane filter, the water had significant effects harmful for removal, but it is the fatal flaw of the filtered trace elements beneficial to the body. Kang one hundred tested purifier official agencies, satisfactory detection results, so the choice purifier , be sure to ask clear filter technology used and the media, to see whether to meet their own needs.

   Fourth, whether they have a sound service system

   after-sales service is the brand an important part. However, after a lot of the current consumers to buy certain brands, but can not find a telephone service or repair service companies address this situation, so that consumers are helpless, also caused a waste of resources, a lot of water purifier utterly useless. purifier aftermarket are mainly concentrated in filter replacement, such as replacing the filter cartridge for long periods, it will pollute the water, water purifiers will become "water is." select water filter must choose the perfect after-sales service, for example, customer service systems using customer information, tips and other customers and the company replace the filter.

   As the water industry threshold is low, add water industry, there are many brands, so before you buy a water purifier, we must first understand the relevant knowledge of some of the water purifier, buy that brand is guaranteed The product.

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