Zhengzhou Water Hunhuang events accountability, Phipps- Who

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   Zhengzhou water Hunhuang event to be held accountable ten people, six thousand eight cubic meters water per family relief, experts said Phipps: water pollution incident single relief, so people drinking water problem, if responsibility cause health problems who will bear?


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   the incident was identified as "accidents", 10 leaders to be held accountable, five people give warning, the construction unit , supervision company was fined $ 500,000. At the same time, for more than 6,000 households affected by the loss of 8 m3 of water per household relief.

   last December 12, Zhengdong New District, Dragon Lake Park and its surrounding colleges and universities appear muddy yellow water problem, a serious impact on normal water to the public. After starting Responsibility program last year, December 30, January 2 this year, the water company will once again hold a special, deep reflection work.



   "the investigation from the start the implementation of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty water pipeline renovation project, from project decision-making, engineering design, program development, project implementation, construction management, erosion disinfection, and network operation and aspects of the yellow water and other emergency response appears to sort out one by one, to the cause of the problem to find yellow water analysis. "

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   Phipps joined the agency in Zhengzhou water purifier strategic layout start the next escort for safe water local residents http:! //www.hpures.com/a/jingshuizhishi/2017/0107/137.html

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