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elder care, we must adhere to the correct way to drink water, then drink the elderly how to correct it? Although most people think drink "unhealthy", there are still 80% of people drink, and the average daily consumption volume reached 270 ml, the amount of drinking tea or less. Drink plenty of water means to determine the extent of the longevity of your health, so put down your drink start drinking water now. Let your health and longevity bonus for this purpose.


point, and to drink plenty of water. The Asian Conference on Nutrition experts point out that many people have difficulties in complying with the order of the time of this drink.


China CDC Nutrition and Food Safety deputy director Professor Ma Guansheng released a survey his group conducted over a period of two months - four Chinese urban water intake investigation.


"The result is not optimistic." Ma Guansheng said that many people know to drink plenty of water, ground water, drinking water, but truly scientific people are drinking less and less of.


hall there is a place dedicated to drinking water, with the drink with the check. Reporters saw, hung a "sufficient amount of drinking water" signs on bottle of mineral water, along with simple tips term.


"should be designed to prompt a drink, a drink to time, it will automatically prompt." As a nutrition expert at the venue Ma Guansheng guest from the inventor, even the prompter want a good look the "blue water drop to make way."


admitted the mistake: will drink less dehydration, body functions are affected.


does not change: the amount of water, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai is not standard.


Chengdu people drink minimum


The water survey by the Danone beverage Chinese support, is one of the largest ever amount of drinking water survey, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu city.


"nearly 1/3 the amount of water does not reach the subject of the investigation is recommended daily dose of 1200 ml (disposable cups typically about 100 ml)." Ma Guansheng said. Among them, the highest failure rate in Chengdu (53.4%), followed by Guangzhou (33.7%), Beijing and Shanghai are 25.9% and 16.6%, respectively.


this result, Ma Guansheng "not unexpected." Because most people still rely on the need to determine whether the thirsty to drink water. And in fact, "When the amount of water lost to the body1% of body weight, feel thirsty, the body functions have been affected; and up to 2%, adversely affected the movement and behavior, and accompanied by a sense of depression and loss of appetite; when 4% to 8%, there will be skin dry, hoarse voice, general weakness and other symptoms, then the worst case, the necessary life-threatening. "He said


." I found an interesting phenomenon in China Danone beverage R & D centers: the bathroom R & D center has urine color chart, which is the study out of the United States of scientists, according to No urine color to prompt the drink. "Ma Guansheng said.


Professor Ma said the next step is to launch drinking water recommended for children, the elderly and special populations. Ms. Yao Menglin Chinese beverage Danone R & D Center said that the proposed water intake to at least 1200 ml per day, while the study found , different environments and drinking water needs throughout China, the recommended daily consumption of 1.5 liters of natural mineral water


admitted the mistake: Bon appetit Gudonggudong a drink will increase the burden of gastroenteritis


not. change: 7 adult drink less than 6 times a day, more than 8 per adult water 200 ml


it SCIENCES water suction cup


cattle can drink, a drink Gudonggudong Gebao. in the eyes of the researchers, this expansive water unscientific way, "a one-time drink lots of water will increase the burden on the stomach. "Ma Guansheng said


The findings showed that 74.9% of the number of daily water less than 6 times, and an average of 84.6% higher than the amount of water per 200 ml (corresponding to disposable two cups of water glass).


"is the recommended way of drinking water a few times. "Ma Guansheng reminder, the distribution of the total 1200 ml of drinking water in one day, approximately 200 ml each.


For example, we morning after fasting is preferably a glass of water, honey water may be, it may be plain water to reduce blood viscosity, have a drink before going to bed, help reduce blood viscosity increase due to sleep due to the morning cup each afternoon, usually when nothing can readily drink a little, eat, they also may be appropriate to drink water. [ 123]

   "in the United States and Europe, no matter where you are, even at dinner, will put a cup on the table, eat and drink, but the Chinese are not used to it. "


   Some experts suggested can use the" sports bottles "This way," the little bottle, whichDo not drink too much like a large volume, a cup can hold about 600 ml bottles of such a day is enough. "Ma Guansheng said with a straw cup is the same reason


   admitted the mistake: High energy sugary drinks, drink excessive adverse health


   does not change: 80% of people drink, and the average daily amount of drinking has reached 270 ml.


   be healthy to drink boiled water


   survey shows that 81.1% of people believe that water is the best choice, 14.2% of people think that the most beneficial tea in health, only 4.7% of people think that the most healthy beverage.


   Although most people think drink "unhealthy", there are still 80% of people drink, and the average daily volume reached 270 ml drink, drinking a considerable amount of tea.


   "an excess of sugary drinks harm is well known, high-energy, will lead to many health problems, is not conducive to dental health, but in reality lust taste and drink the person is not few. "In fact, Whitewater is the best drinks in daily life, and they turned white water boiled water is the best.


   Ma Guansheng explained," From the clinical point of view, the promotion of human drinking water easily enter the cell through the cell membrane metabolism, increase hemoglobin levels in the blood, enhance immune function, improve the bodys resistance to disease, is the most drinking water the body needs. "


   long and healthy life from the beginning to drink, do not start your journey to drink it? Especially as the elderly, drinking way for you health and longevity, why not How about you? [123 ]




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