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   water purification agents industry despite good market prospects, but because many brands, but also to many investors into a selection dyslexia, the agent choose what brand water purifier is more tricky it? Xiao Bian think mainly from consider the following:

   first, water purifiers top ten brands are preferred


   water purifier in China has been developing for nearly 20 years, but there is water purifier manufacturer approximately around 4500, and is still growing every year, so many manufacturers, so many water purifier brand appearance, which makes consumers how to choose? branch of China Household electrical appliances Association will hold drinking water appliances water purifiers top ten brands selected activities each year, for consumers, investors provide the most objective and fair assessment advice for consumers, investors reference. Europe Hui Pu, one of Chinas top ten brands, in terms of brand awareness and product quality, are more trustworthy. There are a number of cottage manufacturers in order to gain more regional agency, while posting a lot of brands, described as "cohabitation", so in terms of agents for water purifiers, water purifiers to join, it is important to find a brand

   [ 123] second, look at the agency policy

   agency policy directly related to the cost of investment dealers, manufacturers such as Europe Pu good agent will give maximum support benefits, not only free agent to join all the European distributors and agents Hui Pu providers are entitled to promotional materials in Europe Hui Pu company headquarters, including publicity vehicles, promotional tents, promotional clothing, posters and other gifts for the agents to provide better and more attentive service.

   Third, look at the corporate culture

鍑€姘村櫒 Water is the source of life, water, the essence of its original connotation cosmological ideas have infiltrated deep sense of human culture, in the long history of river, along with human evolution and awareness of nature, sublimated by the physical level to a spiritual realm. The European Hui Pu water purification It is in this vast water culture and people-centered humanistic philosophy was born, its advocacy of healthy, green living ideas is affecting 1.3 billion consumers! Europe Hui Pu science and technology through the water purifier industry chain R & D, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and services in one of the green-creating businesses, to keep the latest green technologies and smart technology into actual applications, is committed to providing green water purification products safe for people, so that more people green brings clean water to enjoy healthy and comfortable life.

   Fourth, dependingWater purification products service

   after-sales service for the agents who died an invisible cost to send the master-site installation, replacement of parts, delivery, maintenance, etc., need a fee, in this regard, the EU Pu as well-known brands, has always had a sound service. Europe Hui Pu water purification agents for support, on the one hand reflects the great support in the aftermarket, the first in the industry put forward a three-year warranty service policy.

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