Since January 1, 2015 implementation of the newly revised En

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   The newly revised Environmental Protection Law will take effect on January 1, 2015. A highlight of the revision of the law is clear that the State establish and improve the ecological protection compensation system.

   With the economic and social development, ecological security and defense has security, economic security, political security, national security has become an important part. Ecological compensation are balanced in different regions the right to development and environmental protection responsibility to ensure the ecological safety of the country and an important means of objective need. The establishment of ecological compensation mechanism is the trend of protecting the environment.

   According to reports, with the rapid progress of Chinas industrialization process, all kinds of sharp increase in consumption of limited resources, oil consumption increased 100 percent, natural gas by 92%, an increase of 143% steel, an increase of 189% copper, aluminum growth 380% and so on, the scarcity of resources has become prominent development bottlenecks. And because the massive use of scarce resources oil, coal derived the haze, haze and other atmospheric hazards.

   how the rational use of resources, use of resources at the same time how to protect the ecological environment, the whole society has become a topic of common concern. Recently, the National Peoples Congress in 2014 the second phase of project-based learning (seminar) classes ended. Air pollution, water and soil pollution, recycling economy and paid use of resources and ecological compensation mechanism is the subject matter of the classes.

   improve the system of paid use of resources

   made on ecological compensation mechanism dates back to 2005. Party Plenum "on National Economic and Social Development 10th Five-Year Plan" was first proposed, according to who develops protection, who benefits who principle of compensation, accelerate the establishment of ecological compensation mechanism. The State Department will build an ecological compensation mechanism as the main points of each year, and in 2010 will study the development of ecological compensation regulations included in the legislative plan.

   "CPC Central Committee on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform" that is necessary to implement the system of paid use of resources and ecological compensation system. Accelerate the reform of natural resources and their prices fully reflect market supply and demand, resource scarcity, environmental damage costs and repair efficiency. Stick with the resources to pay and who pollute the environment, destroy the ecological Who pays principle, and gradually expand the resource tax to occupy natural ecological space.

   Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Ganluo Pancheng Ying, general manager of Royal Park Hotel after attending classes accept the "lawThis section describes the system Daily "reporters, living in Liangshan of her personal experiences and feelings on environmental protection, resource use and environmental protection before it had several research, combined with the practice of their own research, she paid use of resources at the meeting ecological compensation mechanism and make specific recommendations.

   Pancheng Ying said, the western region has unique natural resources, and many natural resources are scarce resources. For decades the western region played an important role in the countrys raw material base for economic and social development. Although in recent years the state has increased support for the western region, but also give some ecological compensation funds and policies. However, these compensation is difficult to change the face of poverty in these areas are fundamental.

   of the State Council for consideration at the second session of the NPC Standing Committee report on the second meeting on the work of construction of ecological compensation mechanism also mentioned that, at present, for conservationists and reasonable compensation is not in place. People key ecological zones make a significant contribution to protecting the environment, but for various reasons, there are still relatively high cost of protection, compensation for low phenomenon. In addition to the low standard and in some places are not full and timely disbursement of compensation funds, some places have not put eco-regions, conservationists get a clear idea of 鈥嬧€媡he base number, the effective implementation of ecological compensation can not cover all, one of the reasons is the positive impact protectors of .

   "establish a sound system of paid use of resources and ecological compensation mechanism is to improve the country, especially in the scientific development of the western region, the level of development across the only option." Pancheng Ying told reporters.

   to establish a sound resource property right system

   rapid economic growth, ecological environment has caused tremendous pressure, causing a lot of problems. Development should be "within sight of the mountain, visible water", it has become the consensus.

   in this years National Peoples Congress, NPC, Transportation & Logistics, vice president of Southwest Jiaotong University LUO Xia recommended the establishment of paid use of resources and improve the ecological compensation regulations, effective control of pollution from the source, as compensation for the use of resources and ecological compensation system construction work effectively provide a legal basis. While the legislation, establishment and improvement of property rights system resources, promote ecological compensation market, the formation of linkage effects of state ownership and resource use rights, and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial resources.

   Pancheng Ying suggested that the implementation of separation of ownership and use of natural resources, and compensation for the use of natural resources. The establishment of natural resources and the output groundLand purchase and sale of natural resources pricing system, the formation mechanism of compensation for the purchase of natural resources; the establishment of a unified natural resource value accounting system, depletion of natural resources will be included in the value of business costs, thereby enhancing the awareness of businesses to protect natural resources; the establishment of an effective natural resource assets configuration and input-output of a virtuous circle.

   The key is to improve the compensation mechanism

   Pancheng Ying believes that the Environmental Protection Act already has the institutional provisions, but also the need for specific laws, regulations and policy measures to "keep up with the times children," ecological compensation mechanism to drop into practice.

   "sound ecological compensation mechanism is fundamental." Pancheng Ying suggestions, research and resolve compensation body, the way and the amount of the issue, establish a good natural ecological compensation mechanism as soon as possible. At the same time, the establishment of important economic accounting mechanism of ecological environment, the introduction of "green GDP" concept to fully evaluate the fruits of economic development. Furthermore, it should establish a state-owned natural ecological resources to buy national unity, national compensation, centralized mechanism for the sale of the tender to the user. Improve the collective contract system for all natural resources, stable contracting policy, to extend the contract period, the contractor clearly the rights and obligations in terms of the natural ecology, who truly put into who benefits and who is who repair the damage, and fully mobilize the contractor to maintain the natural ecology enthusiasm.

   Pancheng Ying also suggested that the state should establish ecological compensation special financial transfer payment system. The establishment of ecological compensation special financial transfer payment account. By special transfer payments to support ecological protection and construction, the establishment of a sound social security, to social development in order to equalization of public services as the objective to give special compensation and subsidies. The implementation of positive ecological protection tax, fiscal and credit policies, the establishment of ecological compensation and ecological tax differential tax, financial subsidies and preferential credit for the project environmental protection and sustainable development. In accordance with the principles of natural ecology who use who compensation, social compensation policies actively promote ecological environment construction, and ultimately the formation of the compensation mechanism as the main way to purchase.

   Pancheng Ying believe in the mechanism of ecological compensation system, should also develop ecological resettlement policies, actively promote the transfer of rural surplus labor force in ecologically fragile areas, especially in the core area of 鈥嬧€媡he overall relocation ecology and water conservation residents proper placement of the economy is relatively developed areas. Forest vegetation

   "At the same time, to solve the problem of the return of an unbalanced recovery fee. Regional countries to respond to forest vegetation restoration fee of returnAnd also co-ordinate arrangements for the overall balance, in order to facilitate public ecological protection of the western region. "Pancheng Ying said.

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